Ted Rubin
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Relationships are...

To kick this off, I want to restate what's in my profile here, relationships are like muscle tissue. Other. More you engage them, the stronger and more valuable they become. Engage with me and I'll engage back

Relationships, engagement

Bowie Rowan
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I love this metaphor of muscle tissue. I am wondering if you think then that the phrase no pain, no gain also applies to relationships
Taylor J
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Hey, Ted. I guess I'll start with a simple welcome to Swell. Hope you're doing well. My name is Taylor, and I guess a little bit about me. I love Star Wars. I love learning about history. And I love soccer. What about you
Ted Rubin
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Hello. Hey, Rachel. Nice to connect here. You know what? I definitely appreciate the no pain, no gain metaphor, but I will say that absolutely, absolutely. Do not think it's necessary in a relationship. I think maybe if you look at it from a different perspective that pain can be the pain of reaching out regularly, of making the effort to connect with people. My daughters used to say to me that it was amazing to know how many friends I had
Ted Rubin
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Rachel, I did notice right off that you work for Swell. Nice to see a team member jumping right in
Ted Rubin
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Taylor curious if you work at Swell as well? Look at that. Now. I'm rhyming. I'm. A poet, and I didn't know it. I will say that I am less apt to engage on a regular basis with people who do don't have their full names in their profiles. So I would be curious to know Taylor. Taylor
Ted Rubin
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And yes, folks, I do have my own builtin, preconceived notions of how to engage, how to share about who you are, what I feel people should be telling about themselves on platforms. But that doesn't mean I'm not open to change
Bowie Rowan
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Hey, Ted, thank you for the quick and thoughtful reply and for also making me laugh. Yes, I do work, first of all, happily. And I was very excited your conversation caught my eye because because I'm really interested in the psychology of relationships, all kinds of relationships that is, and especially during times of crisis or change like this that we're going through
Taylor J
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Funny story...

Hey, Ted, totally understand. First of all, I want to say that your your poetic skills were absolutely breathtaking. So thank you for that. It's been a while since I've been swept off my feet in that way. Also. So my mom calls me Taylor Jay. That's just what she's called me for the majority of my life. So I guess you could maybe say I'm a Mama's boy, but that's just what came to mind. Maybe
Taylor J
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Also forgot to mention that indeed, I do work at Swell as well. I guess you could tell that I work at Swell. That'll be the first line of our collaborative Hip hop album. As you can tell
Ted Rubin
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That's me? Taylor J. I'm. A hip hop artist at heart in an old white guy's body
Ted Rubin
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Hey, Rachel, I don't believe I've learned anything new, so to speak. What I've noticed and what I've embraced is the acceleration of change, meaning the acceleration of the use of digital of formats. Zoom Google conversations Swell Here what I'm loving watching is things that I thought should have taken hold sooner are now really taking hold due to necessity
Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 4:33
But during periods of lockdown and quarantine haven't and so I've definitely been using the phone and FaceTime and Zoom and Google Hangouts and all of these things. We have a lot more than usual, but I will say I don't always prefer that as my mode of communication, and it's partially because as an introvert and also someone that really tends to like conversations that maybe go really in depth or about all different threads all at once
Toby Tullis
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And I appreciate the fact that I've got another vehicle in which to listen to you on read everything that you put out and listen every time you speak. So looking to hearing what else comes down the pipe and gleaning that information. Thanks a lot
Randall McKeown
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@TedRubin what a wake up call!

Ted, yes, I agree with you about relationships are like muscles and it needs to be worked. I think we as humans need other interaction, and that's been really hit home with the lockdown. And many of us working from a home away from our colleagues and being separated from family. As here in Ontario, we are actually returning State Street
Katey Kurzawa
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#communication #understanding #checkingin

But as you said, it's something that has become even more pronounced during this year of 2020, and I absolutely hope it'll stay. I also don't think it's going anywhere. I think that our need and want to communicate better and keep developing relationships on a deep, meaningful level will absolutely remain after this time. And I'm very grateful for it. And thank you for opening up the topic of the conversation, and I look forward to hearing more from you. Thank you
Dewuan .
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That's tough, but it makes perfect sense. Like anything you want to get better at, you have to do it more often. Relationships are no different, but therein lies the dilemma when you come across somebody like me who favors being an introvert and seldom has relationships to nurture. It can be kind of daunting, but I'm trying is you haven't been here in a month. I'm still going to try it anyway. Here I am. Take me as I am
Katey Kurzawa
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@Dewuan.Is.Soft #introvertsaresuccessfultoo 😂

On you are so killing me. I absolutely love it. Your vulnerability and honesty and authenticity are great. And we are definitely taking you as you are so welcome to establishing new relationships. Talk to you soon
Katey Kurzawa
@Katey8472 · 1:46
Oh, another great tip I wanted to share about relationships is if you're struggling to understand on how to better relationships or just looking for tips in general. I would say to start with other love languages because I think that although love languages is geared towards maybe how you would treat your partner. I think that it really applies to how you should treat and respect anybody that you're having a relationship, friendship and acquaintanceship with