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Satheesh Kumar
@Satheesh · 1:22

Do you like the likes count? !!!

article image placeholderFacebook and Instagram will now allow users to hide ‘Like’ counts on posts – TechCrunch
And this feature is going to be rolled out starting today Wednesday, and it will be rolled out globally in the next two weeks. What is your preference? And do you really see this feature useful? And will you be configuring or changing the settings? So what is your preference? Please share your view in the replace. Thank you. Bye

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Alwin Jeyakumar
@AlwinJ · 1:55
But what happened was that there were a lot of dislikes for that speech than the Lakes. So this brought them up into an embarrassing situation where they had to kind of manually adjust or remove the legs or so increase the likes and the displays like that. So these kind of people will lose features so that they can turn off the like one so that the others are other parallel users cannot see how this post or this activity is performing. So that is one point of view
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