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Satheesh Kumar
@Satheesh · 1:01

TATA acquires Big Basket, an online grocery company

article image placeholderIndia’s Tata buys majority stake in online grocer BigBasket
Hello. Hello, everyone. So in the recent times, we are hearing so many news about the ecommerce companies and their growth in my recent sales, you might have heard about the pharmacy and our main pharmacy energy company has acquired midlife in that line. Today, we have news that Tata has secured a major stack of Big Basketball, an online grocery company

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Aryan Kalra
@Aryan1Kalra · 0:58
They both want to acquire companies or make companies that will be of almost every domain and then they will put those companies apps into one super app. And that is somewhat of a trend which both these companies are trying to follow and create it. So I don't know how successful it will be. But the main fight or the main acquisition of Tata about Big Basket was due to this reason that Tata wants to create a super app
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