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A Conversation with Leah and Bethanne, Hosts of She Will Rock You Podcast

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"…I love the podcast because what it does is it either shows you a new artist you've never heard of before, teaches you something about one you already knew, and provide some historical context along the way. Rock and roll is a genre that is filled with coming of age stories, stories of epic failures and even more epic triumphs.…"



Leah Jones

@leahelizabethj · 8mo ago · 2:14

"…It went through several different iterations before we settled on what we do. We were going to do a Disney podcast, but there's like 50 of those. We thought about doing a weird news podcast, but that required way too much work to stay on top of weird news stories. And then we were hanging out with her friend Lauren, and there was a Fleetwood Mac tribute band coming to town.…"


Taylor J

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"…And I know that we like to wear it like a badge of honor these days. You and Leah have a bit of a different taste in music, if I'm not mistaken, or at least where your sort of bread and butter lie. For the last several years of your adolescence, it was quite different. Her influence is much more in the classic rock side of things.…"

are you musical tastes rubbing off on each other?


Bethanne Tarpley

@BethanneTarpley · 8mo ago · 2:16

"…This is the real stuff. And we really wanted to just really chip away at that because I think one of the most beautiful things about music and in particular rock music, is you can have so many opportunities for growth, you can have so many different opportunities for different perspectives.…"


Taylor J

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"…It makes you happy, whether it's that country song that you were talking about or it is Limb Biscuit, because there are people out there that really love Limb Biscuit. That's a whole other story, though. And yeah, there does exist the sense of elitism. I know exactly what you're talking about, and I have definitely been guilty of it in the past.…"

Sharing new music with the masses!

Leah Jones

@leahelizabethj · 8mo ago · 2:06

"…What a good question. I don't think anyone has ever really exactly asked us that before, but it's kind of a mix of all of the above. So there have been instances where we fall in love with an artist and we immediately think, oh, we have to get them on the show. We've actually been emailing an artist literally the last nine months trying to get in contact with or get scheduled with them.…"

Taylor J

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"…Yeah. There has to be that very delicate line that you want to make sure you don't cross with your shows because you are, like you said, trying to bring exposure to mostly rock artists. And there are a lot of people that are trying to publicize their music any way that they possibly can. I mean, it has got to be one of the oldest professions at this point.…"

Favorite guests?

Bethanne Tarpley

@BethanneTarpley · 8mo ago · 2:00

"…The first one is Ariel Belleville. She's not only this kickass guitarist, but she's also an Ariel gymnast. So she can literally play guitar upside down. We're lucky if I can play guitar on a good day. Imagine playing it upside down in, like a ring. It's so f****** awesome. And then the second one is actually someone we just interviewed. Her name is Jill Fiore.…"

Taylor J

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"…All right. So I have three new artists that I need to check out, and you obviously my ears perked up towards the end there. When you mentioned that one of the artists is on tourist Gojira, that's a goat band right there for sure. I can't continue unless I ask Leah the same questions. So Leah, favorite artists that you have had on the show.…"

Same question to @leahelizabethj!

Leah Jones

@leahelizabethj · 8mo ago · 1:41

"…And then Interestingly, we've had some incredible interviews in 2022 already. So I'm going to plug another one that's coming up this Friday is with the photographer named Sophie Harris. The photographer interviews are always fun because they have the craziest stories. And I've met a lot of photographers in my life through working in marketing.…"


Taylor J

@Taylor · 8mo ago · 1:24

"…So you've spoken to journalists and photographers and all sorts of people doing all sorts of things. Now, having worked in the music industry a little bit myself, one thing that I noticed about the people that tend to work around artists is that not all of them had maybe thought or planned that that would be the industry that they landed in. I wanted to talk to both of you about your own lives and how you ended up hosts and podcasters specifically about rock and roll music.…"

Did you ever see yourself being in this moment and what’s in store for your show?

Bethanne Tarpley

@BethanneTarpley · 8mo ago · 2:04

"…I have just really enjoyed getting to know those people more and just giving them more opportunities for us to work with them. So, yeah, I think that's kind of the road map that we're kind of developing.…"

Leah Jones

@leahelizabethj · 8mo ago · 2:54

"…That's so weird that people want to listen to our podcast every day we wake up in shock by this fact. And as for what we have next and what our future plans are, I don't think that we plan on stopping anytime soon, so we're definitely going to keep this train rolling. The podcasting community that Bethanne mentioned, some other ones that we've been working with are Muses.…"

Leah Jones

@leahelizabethj · 8mo ago · 0:12

"…I would like to redact my previous statement. Bethanne has let me know that I got the Nuggets wrong. They were KFC vegan Nuggets which I do highly recommend. Chickfila, to the best of my knowledge does not have vegan Nuggets.…"

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Taylor J

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"…So, Leah Bethanne, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to talk to me, of all people. I wanted to close this out by asking you one final question. And this question is for all the people that are listening that are thinking about following their passions or maybe even starting a podcast, what is one bit of advice that you would give them? And then lastly, and I like to do this with everybody I interview.…"

thank you both so much!

Leah Jones

@leahelizabethj · 8mo ago · 1:03

"…Thanks so much for having us. This has been a really fun interview. Like, I'm a fan of this interview format. We might need to use this on our show at some point because I think that could be cool. The advice that I have, if people are thinking of starting a podcast, doing whatever it is that it is you want to do, and this is like the lamest advice, but it's just to do it.…"


Bethanne Tarpley

@BethanneTarpley · 8mo ago · 0:56

"…Yeah. Thank you so much for having us on. I also Echo what Lia said. This is such a fun format. So thank you so much for letting us be a part of it. As far as for advice, I mean, not to so go off, Alia said. But yeah, just go ahead and start something. And I think also another key element is have a good support system around you. And it doesn't have to be immediate people that are in your life.…"


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