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Taylor J
@Taylor · 4:41

#WorkAdvice for Gen Z and Gen Alpha

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Especially nowadays when we see that so many people are working for larger than life companies, companies like Amazon, Google, Walmart, you name it, it's really important that we as workers don't feel like we are getting lost in the shuffle or left behind. I can say with absolute certainty that the best jobs that I've ever had, the best employers that I've ever had, are also those that advocate for you, for their workers

Always advocate for yourself at work! Beyond just knowing your worth - identify ways to grow, evolve, and strengthen your voice.

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Theo Seibold
@Thatoneweirdo · 5:00


And it's interesting now how the job market and I mean, applying for jobs, interviewing for jobs, so many of these things have really changed than before. Like, where you really had to go hit the pavement and you really had to hustle for your decades. And now, obviously through technology, so much of that has changed, for better and worse
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