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Taylor J
@Taylor · 3:42

May the 4th be with you! What is your favorite Star Wars film?

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For me, I've always been a fan of the original trilogy and of the prequel trilogy growing up. I remember the anticipation when phantom menace came out, waiting in line at the El capitan theater in Hollywood with my big brother. What a special memory to have. And it's really nice to know that many more generations of people are going to have those same memories about star wars as these new films and TV shows continue to come out

#AskSwell tell me about your pick and why it’s your favorite. Auto ban for incorrect answers, as there is only one 🤣

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:22
Also, I am laughing because I said technological and story achieving achievements. Wow. This is a reminder to you all that you do not need to be perfect on Swell. You can stutter. You can double up on words. You can just mumble on without really knowing where you're going to end up. We still love
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Matt Cardenas
@SanedracSays · 3:14
I think the thing I've always loved about Empire is I had to grow to love it. When I first saw it as a kid, I was like, what? The bad guys won at the end. They didn't quite understand it. But as I grew older, I learned to appreciate it more and more and more. And it's obviously the lessons that Luke goes through. Training on Dagobar just kind of like the heart of that film
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Cory Byrd
@Byrdseyeview · 4:53
We all know the surprise that happens in that film. We all know that George Lucas was busy doing production stuff, and so he had to have other people write, other people get involved. And I hate to say this, but I think that was the best thing to do for this sequel, because George is more focused on the aesthetics of it more than character development, script, things like that
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