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MLB: Marlins appoint the first female and Asian American general manager, Kim Ang

So she has some serious, serious baseball knowledge, and I, for one, would be stoked to have her as the manager of my team. Congratulations to her. This is obviously incredible. I was curious what the swell community had to say about this. I think it's a great look for the sports bar, shows some serious intent in terms of mixing things up and true representation. And I hope that other teams follow suit


Thanks for the great swell. I saw this in the news today and didn't know a lot about it. Baseball is not my sport, not very big in Australia, but keep up with it a little bit over here, but it is awesome. A huge Congratulations to Kim and all the hard work she's put in and it yeah, awesome news. First female, first Asian American, and really sort of hopefully that breaks down the barriers and paves the way for future GM to come in
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2020 is definitely pivotal & my experiences as a female professional.

People tend to think, oh, young and pretty whatever. Or young, pretty female. She's not capable of leadership. She's only capable of what I've seen her do. But when you're kind of pegged into a very narrow series of actions or abilities, there is no room to show what you can do. That's my two cent. It's really exciting. And yeah, I don't know much about baseball, but still, that's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing
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A few other women executives in sports

Then I went to Twitter and I wanted to see what the Twitter reaction was to her hiring. And I was surprised. I guess I shouldn't say I was surprised, but maybe just a little disappointed and that I saw too much of the opinion of, well, what are her qualifications? And is that what women go through?
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@Phil any GMs though?

I don't think I explicitly said it, but as far as general managers go, I think this was the first one. Genie bus. Yes, obviously, considering she basically runs part of the city I live in. But do you know if there have been any other general managers managers that are female? Because I can't think of one execs presidents. Yes. General managers. I don't know. But you would know because you know a lot more about sports than I do just in general
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So that baseball experience alone, I don't think, would make you successful. But I do think there's other things in there that I think she excels at, that she'll be extremely successful at now. She does have her work cut out for the Marlins, do not have a huge payroll, and it pales in comparison to other clubs. But like I said, they made the playoffs this year, and that was with a team that was really expected to not be much more than AAA team
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Hetty, I just wanted to say Congratulations on your new job. And I just think that, you know, we need to be acknowledging these things as much as possible because the world has been absolutely breaking news lately. And so I'm incredibly happy for you. I don't even know you on a personal level, but I couldn't be more thrilled for you. You're making moves, doing big things, and that can't go on said, yeah, just throw up for you
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Taylor, thank you so much. I meant to congratulate Hetty as well. And I totally got sidetracked and forgot. Congratulations, Hetty. That is great news. And I hope you don't mind me asking, but what has been the reaction that you've perceived to that? I'd be curious to know just on the reaction that I see on the hiring of Kim. I see a lot of positivity. Of course, I see the negativity ang. I recognize it
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I often get upset with the fact that people blame coaches for some of the problems that their favorite teams have, and yet they are very much handy be kept by the roster that's given to them. So once again, to me, a general manager of a sports franchise has to be more than just a good business person
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Yeah, Howie, I do think that the actual selection is really handled more by Scouts than it is the actual GM. And I'll mention this. I don't want to name team who it is, but a friend of a friend is actually a GM for a National Football League team. And over beers one night, this person was saying, Anybody can do this job, ang, he said, I don't really make any decision alone