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Heavy Metal: Mom calls all of it, regardless of subgenre, "Cookie Monster Music". Do you think all metal sounds the same?

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"…And I'm curious if that's an experience that a lot of you have had when you hear heavy metal. Metallica does not sound anything like Killswitch Engage, for example. They might have things that Kill Switch, might have things that they pull from Metallica, but they're very different. I think almost in the same way that Flair and Metallica are completely different. And I'm only talking about incredibly famous fans here. The vast majority of bands that I listen to.…"


Taylor J

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"…So this is like one of my favorites of all time. And then I'm going to play something that's very different from this in the next swell. And I'm curious to know if you think it all sounds the same. It's.…"

Taylor J

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"…But what you'll see with this particular song and band is that they pay a lot of attention to melody. That's not to say Michigan don't, but it is a very focal point of their performance. They have a keyboardist and a female background vocalist who creates a very harmonic vibe. So let me know what you think. Again, if this sounds like Michigan, I really want to know why. Tell me why.…"

Trey Hanawalt

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"…Hey Taylor, responding to your post, I found this very enjoyable swell to listen to, being that I am a fan of metal music and have been in metal bands, hardcore bands and punk bands. Yeah, there's a very big divide in certain subgenres when it comes to certain metal. At the heart of it. I think everyone can agree that it's Black Sabbath is what binds everyone.…"

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Trey Hanawalt

@Loststaterecs · 5mo ago · 0:51

"…So it was actually pretty awesome to watch Gojira, which I've always heard about and listen to some of their stuff. But live, it was awesome. Yeah. If you haven't listened to Gojo, you should check them out. They're more like Prague, kind of like tech metal, but like a lot of feeling to it, not just mindless, noodling.…"

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Taylor J

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"…I'd consider them heavy metal at times. They're definitely a bit more on the alt side of things, but they do use seven strings. One of my best friends actually is going to be a groomsman at my wedding. He was on tour with Death Tones in Europe. I think they did a two and a half week run. He was in a band that was opening for them, a band called Sky Harbor, if you're familiar. Anyway, good to talk to you.…"



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