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Taylor J
@Taylor · 4:02

Martin Scorcese’s newest film, Killers of the Flower Moon, releases first trailer!

article image placeholderKillers of the Flower Moon — Official Teaser Trailer
Movie fans rejoice. We have finally received the highly anticipated trailer for the new Martin. Martin. Martin. Martin. Martin. Martin. Martin. Scorceses newest film killers. Flower. There's been a film in recent years that I have looked forward to as much as this one after Scorsese last outing with the Irishman. I mean, I don't know how he could possibly take things up a notch #movies #askswell

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Theo Seibold
@Thatoneweirdo · 4:55


And this one is a trip for anybody who likes the type of movies that really just go for it, especially with it being and you can tell it's like a super small movie. And it is very much done on the fly, done in a way where what they had is what they had and that's what they brought to it and that's what they did still holds up, in my opinion. It's still fascinating, especially when you see early stuff from filmmakers
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