Tanjot Singh

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Real meaning of Success Gone Right.

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"…Okay. So from the birth itself, a child is taught to have a successful life. And he thought about motivational quotes and he taught about hard work is the key to success. And like that, like that other thing is, when I was ten or nine or ten years old, I practiced spirituality. I didn't know what spirituality is, but somehow unknowingly, I practiced it because I wanted to connect with God because he was my first friend in my life.…"

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Manisha kumari D

@Manisha10 · 8mo ago · 0:22

"…Hey Tanjot, I completely agree with you that success is not only being buying or getting money or things. To me, also, success means keeping happy to my family and make them proud is real success and getting satisfaction. Whatever I do, thank you for saving it.…"


Amoljeet Singh

@AmoljeetSingh13 · 3mo ago · 0:18

"…I am proud of you. A man to avid the silver cow.…"


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