Tanjot Singh

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Crying and Time Traveling 18 Years back with a photo.

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"…She sent me a photo of our nurse preschool starting from the left side. I was on the 6th cloud. Like, I hope that I am in my consciousness or which color. And I hope that you all are doing well in your lives and you all are vibing together with your friends and family and God. And I wish you well for your further life. And I request you to take your past with you. The memories that you have created in your past life are the most beautiful ones.…"

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"…Sometimes I really feel good that we were friends and we were good friends and we enjoyed our time together like this. So it was. Is really nice listening to you. I mean, really great. Thank you. Thank you so much. You're.…"


Tanjot Singh

@tanjotsingh03 · 6mo ago · 4:07

"…Okay so thank you for replying to the swell again and I hope you're new life Keanu buff you will get your Anuba back and happened with me to like my bots are those two they won't say that of contact who gave us education system but coming back to the topic memories though and universal definitely make a scenario that you will surely meet him I and life all the best for your life and ANU bye peace.…"



Rhea Bangera

@basicallyrhea · 6mo ago · 2:22

"…When I think about it, all the memories that I made back in my life in the past, it's true. Yeah. It's so awesome. Thank you so much. This literally time traveled back. I was three years when I went to nursery. So 90 minus three is whatever crazy. Wow. I want to become a child again now.…"

@tanjotsingh03 #sayitonswell


Sreejita Karmakar

@belle · 6mo ago · 2:42

"…And I remember that there was a time when even if I was a baby, our families, we used to be happy and now we are not. It's not like we are not happy. It's just that we don't live together anymore. So there's a distant family and then there's us. So that really sounds tragic.…"


Amoljeet Singh

@AmoljeetSingh13 · 3mo ago · 0:20

"…Crying and time traveling it is.…"


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