Tanjot Singh

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The Body we don't talk much about.

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"…See, for me the thing is I have been into a lot of mental crap in the past month, but I just ignored the fact that I even have a body too. Like sleepless nights. It's just harming my body though I cannot control that feeling. And the mind is overtaking my body. But yes, I have to talk about it because after the teenage now I am a so called adult. Like I have passed 18 years.…"

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Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 6mo ago · 5:00

"…Hello tangent, you expressed it very well. Namely we take our body for granted. But what could we do without it? We live through it. We depend on it's working properly of its being resilient and adaptive as it were. And what you said about the mind taking over. Yes, we allow the mind to take over. Sometimes it's possible to stop the mind, to stop the mind from intruding. That much you can learn some sophology relaxation.…"



Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 6mo ago · 3:02

"…One important point is settling down, letting thoughts come up in a stable and deeper way, at a deeper level, perhaps from a deeper level, from a synthesizing level. Your life is not going to be dashes and heroic feeds. It's going to be work and settling and a lot of things coming together. It's not going to be specialization.…"

Mind and wisdom 2


Tanjot Singh

@tanjotsingh03 · 6mo ago · 0:49

"…Thanks for just making my day out, and I hope you have a nice day. Just enjoy your life if and stay smiling, please.…"



Amoljeet Singh

@AmoljeetSingh13 · 3mo ago · 0:15

"…Both island over. Thank you.…"


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