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Tanisha Peter
@Tanisha_18 · 4:23

Cricket fans waiting for tomorrow:IPL is back!!!!

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And even if, if you are waiting for tomorrow's match, please let me know. How excited are you? How do you feel about it? This question is to all cricket fans out there

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Akshidha Shaji
@bibliophileAksh · 1:34
I know the chances are very, less, especially, like against such superpowers like Chinese Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. Rtb is also not weak. Obviously, they're definitely not weak. They just don't have enough luck. Yeah. So I want either Delhi Castles or there's Punjab Kingston. Yeah. I got this Punjab Fever since last year. I don't know. I saw them constantly failing, like for six matches, they lost the game and then suddenly they just started winning all games
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Tanisha Peter
@Tanisha_18 · 1:33


Hey. Hi. First of all, thank you so much for listening to my swell when I can actually, you're the excitement. I wouldn't say I could see the excitement, but I could actually sense the amount of excitement you have for today. And even I'm excited like I feel as bad as back after months. And I am so excited to see who wins this year. And yes, I am a deli Capital supporters
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