Tammy J

Let's ponder and share our thoughts on anything and everything!


Paranormal / Afterlife Experiences and Stories?

@TammyJ|10mo ago|3:52

Have you experienced anything paranormal? I'm Anxious to hear everyone's thoughts on this topic! #paranormal #spirutuality #ghosts #religion



Virgo Tarot Reading for August - September 2020

@TammyJ|12mo ago|2:49

Apologize for the robot voice... I typed it all out and recorded it this way because my voice is near gone (long story). Please leave your feedback 😁


Would you be interested in getting free Tarot readings? (I need volunteers to practice reading to) πŸ€ͺ

@TammyJ|12mo ago|1:54

Would you tune in, listen and then offer feedback for a free Tarot reading? I need volunteers to practice on! 😜 #spirituality #religion #other


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