Tammy J
@TammyJ · 1:54

Would you be interested in getting free Tarot readings? (I need volunteers to practice reading to) 🤪

So if you'd be interested and you think you would tune in and be able to give me your feedback afterward, I'd really appreciate it. Let me know if it's worth my time in trouble to go ahead and start doing that

Would you tune in, listen and then offer feedback for a free Tarot reading? I need volunteers to practice on! 😜 #spirituality #religion #other

Jennifer Perguson
@Florida_Blue · 0:15
Hey, Tammy, this is Jennifer. I would definitely be interested in that. It's definitely not a stupid idea. So let me know, and I would be definitely interested in seeing what you have to say. Thank you. Thanks
Tammy J
@TammyJ · 0:38

Virgo tarot reading tomorrow (August 11). #psychology #spirituality #other

Thanks for all the feedback, guys. Got a lot of positive feedback. So I'm going to go for it tomorrow will be the first read. I'll start with Earth signs. I'm going to start with Virgo. I'm not not sure what time yet. It'll be sometime tomorrow. So if you want to come check it out. If you are a Virgo or know anybody who's a Virgo, do you want to come? Just hear what the cards have to say