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Covid Slowdown and an unbelievable opportunity at 10280 ft in the Himalayas - About Project Jalori

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For three years before the Pandemic started, I was running a successful selfsustaining company that worked on waste management in Tan, India, and we provided sustainable ability consultancy and we did it without a Penny of funding and it was going all too well until March 2020 and everything changed. The Pandemic brought with it lack of opportunities in a lot of sectors. But then that's where I saw some hope in the slowdown

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And I always wonder if they go and spend time and money to be in a beautiful place, and then they leave such an egregious Mark on where they were. It's so depressing to me, and I'm so happy that this program had such a success. And if there's a website we can go to or some kind of link that connects us to the visual of this work and to how we can just use it as a model to share with other people, to inspire ourselves
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You can check out the project details at www.earthlingfirst.com/projectjalo

Hey, thank you so much. Those are really kind words. And often I need to hear kind words coming my way, to be able to stay hopeful and positive. So thank you. Thank you so much. I'm going to put some details in the caption and the website address so you can check out more information about the project. Thank you, thank you so much. You're
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So true See it
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Thank you soo much!

Tamana, I listen to whatever you put up, and you are doing so much for the environment. And I'm so glad people like this are still there. Because what I've noticed is when they're kids, we all have the thing in our mind that says, once I grow up, I'm going to do this. I'm going to do something for the environment. I'm going to do something to help people around me and all such things