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Hyderabad girl bags offer from LSE, proves COVID is no deterrent for students who dare to dream!

In spite of high entry requirements, LSE received about 25,000 applications from over 140 countries for 1600 seats. Adity, after finishing 10th grade with about 97% marks, was inspired by her principal, Ms. Kanchanbulani, at SVIS, to choose humanities and social science for further studies. Her initiation to social science started on being selected to the Summer at Dune Leadership Program for high school students at the reputed Dune School Deradun in the summer of 2019

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Siddhanta Pramanik
@Siddhanta007 · 0:45

Where and how did you decide to be a part of LSE.

Yes. And that's what makes the difference between a regular candidate and a candidate. So my first question was your reaction
Aditi Vittal
@aditivittal · 1:45

The defining moment that made me choose economics and LSE.

And I realized how economics can aid a country to the path of development. When I attended the coveted Summer at Dune Leadership Program in Class ten, and there, my experience of serving the underprivileged further strengthened my resolve to be a change maker by being an economist. And this is when I realized that I wanted to attend a world class University like London School of Economics and Political Science to further enhance my knowledge about economics
Siddhanta Pramanik
@Siddhanta007 · 0:54
Now, obviously, you had done a different path and you said something different. So was it difficult for you to convince your parents about how you want to study economics other than the traditional science, commerce and humanities background or engineering or doctors, all these traditional things. Was it difficult for you to convince means them, or was it very easy and supportive from their end as well, or how you think it was in some other challenges you faced in this way
Aditi Vittal
@aditivittal · 0:54

A different path that I chose

So yes, it is true that our society is still wired to follow the heavilytradden path of engineering, medicine, and commerce to begin with. People all around me were planning to take up Sciences of commerce while they were studying in grade nine and ten, like many other students, was confused about selecting a career path for myself
Siddhanta Pramanik
@Siddhanta007 · 0:53
Children and doing the right thing and they know what they should really very good live. And also your idea for going to the different streams other than the mainstream is something that is out of the box for that. Also, what I was seeing was bugging in my mind. Was it really difficult to get into LSD like the tough competition that is the number one is the number of them. These things are also a factor out there
Aditi Vittal
@aditivittal · 1:30

Preparing for LSE

Students are expected to score seven out of nine in each section, and my two month preparation for the exam enabled me to score an average of eight out of nine in the examination. Fourthly, a recommendation from school teacher and principal is also necessary, given that a student excelled in all of these categories and is able to convince the admission team about their interest in economics. They awarded a place in LLC, and I believe that with good preparation and smart work, many people can achieve this
Siddhanta Pramanik
@Siddhanta007 · 0:36

The support system behind your success

There are a lot of factors that are involved in this. I see and I understand it is quite difficult if the competition is tough and competition is really good
Aditi Vittal
@aditivittal · 0:54

My support system!

So I would like to thank them for all the support they have extended and spending time with me to really understand my interest and help me unlock my potential
Siddhanta Pramanik
@Siddhanta007 · 1:22

Thank you for joining

The whole idea on the whole concept. And I think so inspired my students how so much greatness can be achieved by so much humbleness about your success in a more broader success themselves to become something different in their life and change their lives and others as well. Suppose conversation is over, but obviously all the best for your future and we have high maybe th
Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 0:49

A few lines from your essay?

Hi, Aditi, it's remarkable to hear your story and Congratulations. I think all of us are very, very proud of you. I have a few questions that I'd like to ask you. The first question question is that from your essay, which you said that you took about three months to work on what is the most probably significant, a few lines that you could share with us, perhaps to give us an inkling into the kind of thought that you put behind that essay
Aditi Vittal
@aditivittal · 0:32

A few lines from my personal statement

Sure. So the upcoming few lines indicate my passion for economics. So here it goes. My fascination with economics is woven around the fact that it provides solutions to dilemmas in in a world faced with a myriad of choices in almost every walk of life, this all encompassing nature of economics has sparked my curiosity and presented me with a novel way of thinking, which has guided me to choose economics for further studies
Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 0:31

What do you think helped you stand out?

Hadith very well stated. Economics is at the heart of everything. I'd like to ask you, what do you think stood in your favor in terms of the Apple application that you presented to the London School of Economics. I heard earlier on in this conversation that over 25,000 applications are sent in every year from over 140 countries. So what do you feel that's worked in your favor
Aditi Vittal
@aditivittal · 1:31

What made me stand apart

The preparation came naturally to me since I was interested in my area of study economics and to enhance my knowledge about the subject and make worthwhile use of my summer vacation, I applied to Harvard Pre College Program and Yale Young Global Scholars on topics of great ideas in Macroeconomics and solving global challenges, respectively. In the midst of Class Eleven, I was selected to both these programs and had the wonderful opportunity to interact with students from across the globe, giving me a taste of University life
Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 0:33

Vision for the future

Very well deserved. Aditi. I think all the hard work that you've put in over the years and I think also that consistency matters. And you have at a very young age, realized this and have stayed consistent and followed your heart and your passion and look at where it can take you right. What is your vision for yourself now going forward and who has has been your inspiration
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Aditi Vittal
@aditivittal · 0:38

My vision and inspiration

Thank you so much for that. And to answer your question about my vision in ten years from now, I envision myself to be an economist who works for the development of our country by initiating economic policies and academically. My inspirations have been Dr. Abhijit Banerjee, Dr. Stephen Levitt, and Dr. Darana Simoglu for their groundbreaking work in economics that inspire students like me to think differently and question existing ideas. Since I believe questioning is an integral part of learning
Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 0:32

All the best Aditi

Adity wishing you the very best as you move forward on your journey with the London School of Economics and look forward to the days when you'll come back as a senior economist and I'll lead this country into new Horizons, wishing you the very best and Congratulations to your family, to your parents, also to your teachers and all your guides who've have helped you reach your goals
Aditi Vittal
@aditivittal · 0:06

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. And it was a pleasure talking to you
Akshita Sharma
@Akshita · 0:06

Congratulations and All the best!

Congratulations, Adity, and all the very best for your journey ahead