You have a right to change.

When you make an unnecessary change, meaning that things were going well and all of a sudden you look at another way or a different perspective and you step out. I don't know if it's faith or whatever, but you step out on it and you may get better results, but a lot of times you get results that were not as good as the results before. You changed because you had a good thing going and you changed

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Ty Dobbs
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I sure hope that that's not a common thought but I know that for some and for me in the past at times it has been so I think this invitation to consider change is so valuable because sometimes we need to be reminded and I think this is a very gentle, kind hearted way of reminding people
Tim Robinson
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Now, even though there might be some beautiful ground cover out there, you can only see it if you're close to where it's covering the ground. But if you have a tree that grows feet above the ground, people from different various distances can see that tree. And that's the way change is. It's about blossoming beyond the ground, upwardly. And everyone or those that are around can see the beauty of the tree. They could see the phases of life as the tree ages