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Determinism VS Free Will

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Hi, everyone. Today my question to you all is do you believe that everything is predetermined? Or you think we have free will? Or if you feel that there is a bit of both or something beyond that, then do share your theories, your opinion. I would love to hear from you. Thank you

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Human Afterall
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Yeah. Hello, guys. Yeah, I think it's in combination of both. But predetermined can be taken as the overrated word for this. It's basically a process which is going on. We can call it evolution. Many things are attached to this. And yes, we have the free will to act upon it, how we act upon it. Even if I talk about enlightenment
Taha Abbas
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But when we see things from metaphysical or a mystical perspective, we brought in our horizons and there's so much that we don't know, right? Just like we've hardly discovered our own solar system, we are still discovering things on our own planet. We are trying to get to know our own psyche. So the universe is infinite and there's infinite knowledge
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