Farzi (Amazon series) - Money Heist meets Breaking Bad!

Of course, what helps this show become watchable is the fact that it is inspired by Money Highest and Breaking Bad and they put some masala of intelligence agencies and corruption and politics, which is what their TV shows or films are usually about. And of course, they have their own style of presenting things so that's where it gains points. And the person who plays the role of the cop who is devosi. He is a South Indian actor, of course. A new face for many people

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Kavya N
@KavyaNagarajan · 0:25
Hi there. So, first of all, thank you for suggesting a weekend plan for me. Yeah, of course. I do like to watch series and for this, the series that I actually heard it from your spirit guest, and definitely I will watch and let you know about my review and yeah, thank you for posting this
gungun bansal
@gungunbansal_ · 0:32
Hi taha, I hope you're doing great and thank you so much for posting this review. The first it's been in my list since a long time and I want to watch it but I didn't get a chance and I was waiting for an appropriate review to watch it, whether it's worth it or not. And I have watched Money High so I'm kind of interested up in listening your podcast. Like it somehow meets the standard of money highs. So I will definitely watch it
Tushti S
@tushteaaa · 0:10
This show seems so interesting. Thank you for giving such an insightful review about the show. Would definitely want to give it a watch