Yogesh Honavarkar
@SwoleAwakening · 4:52

Law of Affirmations using the Language of Energy

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Let's learn the language of energy through affirmations today. So it's a beautiful Monday, my favorite day, because today's the day when I wholeheartedly worship my Mahadev, my favorite flood, my God by Bolinago om nama Shivaya. Very happy Monday to every listener. With that being said, and enough greetings done, I'm going to talk about the language of energy and how it can help you in order to create a much stronger, better, and a perfect version of yourself

Lets begin, Shall We? #affirmations #lawofattraction #selflove #positivevibes #love #positiveaffirmations #manifestation #motivation #manifest

Kaberi Bhattacharjee
@kaveri_shuvam · 0:37
Nadala. Hi. It was nice to go through your swell. And it is nice whatever you spoke about Affirmations. And I can also relate to the fact that you worship Mahadev. I had been doing the same for many years. I was rewarded by him. Is really boring that I mean, it's so easy to please him. And it grants you whatever you want if you want it. Sincerely, I hope you continue your prayers to him
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