Yogesh Honavarkar
@SwoleAwakening · 4:51


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See, I have nothing against people who are from the LGBTQ because I completely appreciate and acknowledge people have their own choices and I have no right to invade their choices. Feel free to be in the LGBTQ just to not pollute sports because sport is more spiritual and more goal oriented. Please do not kill the essence of sports. Stay happy with your choices. I acknowledge and appreciate whatever your choices are, but not the sports. Please like to know what are your views on this one?

Would like to know your thoughts #wokepolitics #lgbtq #

Goddess Mia
@TheEyeinyou · 3:53
However, regardless of how respectful your tongue was, what's disrespectful is when you misgender, if you're referring to a transgendered woman, it needs to say that it's no way that you go from that to saying, then, okay, you're still a man. That's disrespectful and it's unacceptable. And I don't necessarily deal with this often because I've invested and took the proper steps. So I don't really get that. But I do
Meera Gopalakrishnan
@mira.gopal · 3:46
Now, whatever our emotional status, mental status is, whatever we feel within ourselves, whether we are feminine in a man's body or whether we are masculine in a women's body, we have to accept our biology. Now, if you are born a man and if you go for a women's sport, you need to understand there is a basic difference between a man and a woman in biological setup, in anatomy
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