Celebrating Vijayadashami दशेरा during the pandemic

यह साल अनोखा अनुभव है सबका तो प्लीज बताइए आपका कैसा सेलेब्रेशन था people who are not form the cha did a लिंक kiपdaटोरिडपअपाउटेड मोस्ट अमेजिंग फेस्टिवल इन इंडिया सो look for तो हेरिंग फ्रॉम आल ऑफ़ यू।

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Neerja Narayanan
@Neerja · 2:49


hi is i m glad to see that people are talking about positive festival in celebrations are to ring this time i am lonia in aliawayfor my family but with wonderful supporting people like dec apr around me so i had a zoom celebration with my family in banglore and in deli and my parents were very great intelectuls and my father especially is a great story tello tooled my little nefew and me the story of durga defeating mahishasura and little bit of the story of the jamendasaly temple because where south indian and you know just listing to the stories as i was telling friends here there so much feantomathology that is similar to greakmithology in the sense that there really fables and great stories with messages of morality and good in evil and of course, the whole celebration of durga is very feminist and fan positive and lucy puja during diwali is well, i verity wish mo people will know about these festivals its a side situation that we living a world we most if us know the origins of certain festivals christmas, but we dont know the origins of the meaning of other festivals, which make up the majority of the population of the world and i hope that people are curious and so you re swell is is a way to make that happen so that s a we celebrated my father and my mother told stories and then we did little chanting that my mother sentes link to and my little nefuandneese follow the story with avid attention and curiosity, and thats how we celebrated and its difficult tere caladase to be a way from loved ones and this goes everybody across the board so the end of the year will be challenging, but we have small victories and we focus on small jois planting in the gotten and no trying a kitchen and just spending time with ourselves and would ever gives us joy and so thats i think the way to celebrate this year।
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:00

Ears and hearts open 💕

all right thank you so much for sharing this holiday with us and with such the magic of of giving us another language to here to and then the article self and neerja thank you for sharing the specific moments of you are life where you re able to bring in some kind of rice and connection with your family and i was imaging your news is an nefes with their yours so open to and her i sowide to hearing stories because stories really carry our traditions carry the magic of our of why we are so passion about where we come from and i also think during the pandemic its a special time where re and are is are asked to open up even whiter because the rest of our bodies are senses are being to privedof the hugs and some of the local smells and the praviseventhedansing in and all the fhysicalities that we cant do because were not in the communities that were used to being in so i want to wish u just the join the happen ice that you can conjure all of you who celebrate this and i think there s something it was taking about recently about holidays you know its almost like were scores and were building up this reserve because we know that this pandemic will and and life will come back to a new normal and in that time we can gather with more bandan we are going to be such to late and joy that we are able to do it not taking it or grant before but boy will life be more savored i believe especially round these times these haladashapvy just on everything that bring all of your।