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Different ways to use Swell: PLEASE CONTRIBUTE

What are some of the ways we can use Swell? Just thinking about that. There are already examples in our network right now that we can point to and say, oh, that's a cool use case. I'd like to start a swell here where people share user use cases to show swell can be used for debates. Swell can be used for creating a list of what to do, so can be used for collecting sounds

How can Swell be helpful, be a delight, be a curiosity? Let’s grow this list out to the moon! #collaboration #whyswell

The Swell Team
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To share new ideas

Little Saplains wanted to share how she was using swell as a swell itself. That's kind of meta. But it really explains that you can use swell to share ideas about how to do something. She has a garden swell cast. And she was standing online recently and she was like, wow, I'm using swell to pass the time. So she wanted to let us know that. And that's how come this is an interesting swell to share for use cases of swell. Does that make sense?
phil spade
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I see a lot of use cases for this and very excited about it, and I'll think of more, but the work from home efforts are just going to need something like Swell. And I can see this being a huge, huge benefit to a lot of organizations
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Welcome to Swell!

Deborah Pardes
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Hey, I'm sitting here with a friend, and we're talking about ways to use Swell. And one of the ways we're thinking about is when you have a company and you're talking about something and you want everyone's idea. It's a great way to collaborate. People leave this little list. It's an audio list. And they can also describe what they said in the description of their Swell. And it's a really great way of organizing collective thinking
Bowie Rowan
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Reading groups, book clubs, class discussion 📖

I feel like it allows the discussion to be a little more generous to start before then assigning them any sort of written work. So that's another way. Even though I'm not currently teaching, I could see it as a really useful tool for teachers, depending on the kind of material they're teaching as well
Arish Ali
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Shout out and celebrations 🎉 🎂 birthday wishes etc

One user case is shoutouts and celebrations like birthday wishes. We have done this early internally, but it could be a private spade, but it's even more fun when you make it public and just let all their followers chime in as well. So wishing happy birthday or celebrating an anniversary or any kind of greeting for your colleagues and coworker anybody
Howie Rubin
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Do a feelgood kind of section laugh of the day 32nd spot or story to make you feel good supported by kind of a like vote where you were the winner of the person who gets the most likes the most. Ours. I get to shout out something to make the world feel good on a daily basis
phil spade
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#docellis #nono

This reminds me that one of the best things that I've seen in the past ten years is a NPR interview that someone put animation to. It was an NPR interview with Doctor Ellis, who relayed the story about how he came to pitch a no hitter while under the influence of LSD. And I don't know if that's necessarily a PG story, but somebody put animation to it. And it was just one of the most amazing things
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Well, as a platform for feedback is what comes to mind for a wide variety of things from literary reviews to to films, music policies, so on and so forth. And we've been seeing that all playing out beautifully over the last week or so. I that as a platform for feedback
Howie Rubin
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Anyway, I think it would be a fun kind of a thing, and I think it would be something that you could market really well from a marketing point of view, capitalize on the 23 M and the things that are going on in this world and say, here's a real great opportunity for you to record the history of your family from a personal point of view
David Gilmour
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Filter those to only intersect the ones that you've also engaged with, and if there are none of those to expand the filter automatically to include the larger categories of engagement until you can find the dimensions of intersection with any other user on Swell and either start another Swell or initiate a conversation with them or pay them a compliment or do something