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How to post your first Swell

Hey, this is Deborah, and this swell conversation is about starting a swell conversation. I like to say that starting a swell is like leaving a voicemail for the world because it's that simple and it's that potentially expansive. Your topic could be profound, and it can be strikingly simple either or both. You can ask a question or tell a story. It's all in your unique voice. No one else is you. So the magic happens after you post your swell

Start your first Swell Conversation in your Swellcast. #firststeps #myfirstswell

The Swell Team
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Tell us who you are! That’s a great first Swell!

Hey, there. It's a followup to how, how, how, how, how, how, how, how to post your first swell swell was about you tell us who you are, you can do that in a few sentences. You can play a piece of music. You'd really like to show who you are. You can can use a few just three words about who I am and just tell us those three words. There are so many ways. Feel free, fly
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