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Deborah Pardes

 · 3mo ago · 0:51

Welcome to Swell! Fill this Empty Bowl 🍜

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"…Hey, this is Deborah, and welcome to Swell. I'm really happy to be the first voice to greet you here, and I'm thinking about a great way for you to say hi and introduce yourself to other people who are also joining Swell for the first time. So here's an idea. Think of an empty bowl and fill it with a favorite meal from your childhood. Tell us about that meal in just a few minutes. Okay. I'll go first. Here's how it works.…"



Kristy Carrico

@Kristy · 3mo ago · 1:11

"…My green beans have bacon and onions and seasoned very well. I hope this made your mouth water. Thank you so much for the conversation invite, and you have a wonderful day. Bye.…"


DawnMaria Bradley

@Pixiepoet4life · 3mo ago · 4:17

#cloverleafrolls #homemadebread

"…After you do that, you take it and you roll it into little balls, and you roll the balls in butter, and you take four little balls and you put them in a muffin tin. So you squeeze the four balls into each little cup of a twelve cup muffin ten. And that's why they're called four leaf clovers, because they have four little pieces.…"


Taha Abbas

@taha_oracle · 3mo ago · 1:12

"…Hi, my name is Taha, and my childhood meal that I have always loved is called Kitchen. It's a dish that is quite famous in Pakistan and India. And it's basically very soft soup, like, you can say, very thick mixture of lentils and rice. And we usually eat it when we are in a move for something light. And we would put butter on it and it would melt and add some yogurt.…"



@richirich · 3mo ago · 0:19

So i remmber suger chapati of mu childhood my mother gave me for school lunch in India we call it cheeni ka paratha and i can still taste it.

"…My childhood. My mother gave me four. Like school lunch. That's it.…"


Jason Hall

@jasonhall75 · 3mo ago · 1:03

My favorite food as a child and comfort food now.

"…Hi, zebra. My name is Jason, and this is actually my first interaction on Swell. I love the idea of this app. Kind of makes me think a little bit of the very beginning of Anchor when it first started, and I loved being on there and getting in the middle of conversation is quite similar to this. So the dish that I'm thinking of is is a bowl of goulash. And I know there are many different forms of goulash to different people.…"


Joy Love Mentor Advocate Human

@bravelyworded · 3mo ago · 1:45

Food made from the soul.

"…Hi, Deborah. Hi, everyone. This is such a unique experience talking about my favorite food growing up. My name is Joy and I am in North Carolina. My favorite food growing up. I'm just envisioning that bowl. The bowl was would be filled with my Aunt Doritos barbecue spare ribs and mac and cheese and maybe one piece of her fried chicken. My mom's collard and mustard greens and squash casserole. Can't forget that. As well as sweet potatoes with everything in them.…"


J.L. Beasley

@Her_Sisu · 3mo ago · 1:28

"…So after she scraped the cake batter from the bowl into the pans that she was using, because she would do like a three to four layer upside down pineapple cake, then I would be able to eat the remaining and she would very liberally leave me a good amount in there to eat. And it was just the best thing ever to eat the uncooked cake batter. So that will be my favorite meal for my childhood. And I look forward to hearing the walk down memory lane from others.…"


Cheryle Kay

@Cher · 3mo ago · 4:03

#thanksgiving #daughters #motherdaughter #relationships #family #holidays

"…And so, yeah, a lot of things we can do ourselves, and it's art. So food is art. And when you're preparing, you're putting love into that. And so I love cheese, and we were definitely fighting over the cheese. So there are cheese, grapes. She just put all of the perfect touches into this fig, everything you could get professionally. Like, she could do her own business, really.…"


Matt Simmons

@MilesToGo · 3mo ago · 1:24

#MilesToGo #food #goodmemories #moms #thankfulmoments #soulfilled

"…And then just one more to throw in was a childhood memory. Was my grandparents making oyster dressing on Christmas Eve. I loved it. I still do this day. And it's usually just me making it because no one else would eat it. So oyster dressing I could eat anytime. But awesome memory for the holidays, but definitely Mom's meatloaf when I was a kid, so all right, hope to hear from more topics of foods. Good stuff. Appreciate you all. Miles to go.…"


Angel Rodriguez

@angelrtalk · 3mo ago · 0:57

Yellow rice, peas, and chicken! Hmmm.

"…Yellow rice, gandules, iboyo, yellow rice, chicken. I think there's some form of peas. I don't know how to say gondolas in English, but I think they're green peas or some sort of peas. And my mom will make that with sofrito, some olives and her love, and it was absolutely delicious. I'm grateful and lucky that I still get to have this from my mom every so often.…"


Mahesh Thakur

@Mahesh1967 · 3mo ago · 0:18

"…Okay, so there is lots to talk about. Food, definitely. But I presume this is a recording. It's not live, so it's just a test. So here I'm testing my ability to speak into the microphone and see how this works.…"


Kunal Jain

@sonofindia · 3mo ago · 1:26

My good food is Daal Baati from Rajasthan india

"…Hello, Deborah. Good morning from safety harbor, Florida. I am an immigrant. I started my channel already on Swallow. This is a great blade farm. Well, the food is my memory from childhood. It's something which is very traditional. It comes from a small state called Rajasthan in India. I was born there. So 20 years ago I migrated to United States. And my entire family, and especially my mother, she used to cook these amazing dough bombs.…"


David Shallcross

@Tinstar85 · 3mo ago · 0:41


"…I think that'd be a great pair up. And I'm new to this program as well. I'm checking it out, and this is my first communication, so thank you for being that individual. It caught my attention. Thank you, and have a great day.…"


j r

@Doctorwhen · 3mo ago · 1:56

"…I don't care hair where we are, I'm going to have to try it. It's a rule. It's a cosmic law. I think it was in Orlando, Florida with some friends. We went out to a restaurant, real nice, kind of fancy ish place. Pulled your chairs out, draped the napkins on your lap. Everybody there spoke with a thick Italian accent. We almost needed a translator. These men and women were almost like straight off the plane.…"


christine church

@jemecherche · 3mo ago · 1:38

#favoritemeal #momcooks #popovers

"…I've had a lot of things in a long time, and I found a recipe for gluten free popovers, and honestly, I should have saved them because I could use them to shore up any of my outside my plantings that are falling over, because they're basically bricks. So, yeah, I haven't had those in 20 years, and my mom died in April, so that is even if I make them in the future, they won't be hers. So I miss Popovers.…"


Thaddeus Twist

@ThaddeusTwist · 3mo ago · 0:40


"…I think you definitely put an intro to as swell. I would say as a child looking into a bowl, I would say my favorite would be breakfast. I'm going to go with Greg, the cheese, eggs and either sausage or bacon. I'm probably going with some crispy bacon and I will break up, crumble up my bacon and put it inside of my grit along with my eggs and mix it all up. I think that would be a great meal.…"


Justus @Justus_Piece_Pod

@Just_Piece_Pod · 3mo ago · 1:20


"…As soon as you said hall. I wonder, are we talking about big balls, small balls, steamed balls, boiled balls? Do these balls, these cabbage balls, are they filled with something like sausage, like a radish or something like that? I had so many questions running in my head, truthfully. Because they're balls. And I've never had a cabbage ball. Maybe that's the right antidote for it right there. I've just never had one.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 3mo ago · 0:46


"…But there's other versions of stuffed cabbage that's that's go round wrap the globe twelve times. But yeah, it, it's, it's a little funny what you said. There's a lot of balls in the answers here. I think if you've listened to all of them, it's a universal thing. You just made me smile. Thank you.…"


Nina Sonovia, LPC, HRV-C

@NinaSonovia · 3mo ago · 0:23

My favorite #childhoodmemory of food hot sausage cabbage.

"…The childhood memory regarding food I would like to share is what I hall. Hot sausage cabbage. It's the head of a green cabbage cooked with hot sausage. The hotter the sausage, the better. That's probably one of my most favorite childhood meals, and I still enjoy it today as an adult.…"


Marina S

@Ms.Marina · 3mo ago · 1:13


"…Hi, Deborah and everybody else in this community. I will definitely say that if I had to pick something for my empty bowl when I was a child, I used to love eating cereal, like in obsessive kind of way, especially Apple Jacks. The taste of of the sweetness and then the cinnamon flavor and then how the milk would turn all orangey, and it just left the sensation in my mouth of sweetness.…"


Emily Broome

@helloemilybroom · 3mo ago · 0:43


"…Look, honestly, I've just been thinking about this probably for the last two weeks at least. But if I were to fill a bowl with something from my childhood, it's that craft mac and cheese. Not the kind with the squeezy cheese. I'm talking the kind with the dusty cheese. I just tried an off brand and it just wasn't the same. So you know what's on my shopping list for this following week? Yeah. It's not good for me.…"


Anuradha Rao

@SALTforcooking · 3mo ago · 3:05

My bowl of happiness is Kootu from Andhra, India. This is food coma. #saltforcooking #cookingvideos #foodlover

"…It takes some time to do it because it needs to be cooked really well so that the rawness disappears. Very flavorful. Lot of complex flavors and aromas. And finally, it is marinated with ghee. Ghee is like homemade butter. This is something that we used to eat normally on Sundays, Sunday, noon. That's when the entire family was together. We were a family of minimum eight. And yes, guests would normally drop in as well.…"


Chandni Malhotra

@cmalhot · 3mo ago · 2:16


"…Hi, Deborah. Hope you're well. The thought about what's inside my empty football is actually amazing. I am an Indian so I would love to have a ball full of Rajma hall inside it. Rajma masala is a thick and creamy red kidney hall beans, curry in onion. Tomorrow base flavored with spices like daramasalam. It's North Indian food. That is literally true with steamed rice.…"


manish thakur

@manish_thakur1 · 3mo ago · 0:56

"…Hey, Deborah. Hi. This is manish. Manish talker from India. And, yeah, I just love the concept that he is sharing. Yeah. And, yes, I am a newcomer on swell, as you already know. I'm talking about the meal that I loved in my childhood. So that was kay. It's an Indian dish and prepared with milk and rice, sweet milk and rice. And it's delicious when my mom cooks it.…"


Pete O'Neal, Jr.

@NextUp · 3mo ago · 0:52

"…So my thing doesn't necessarily go into a bowl, it goes into a plate. So we're going to switch bowl to plate. But when I was a kid, my mom didn't always have the funds to create a gourmet meal for my brother and I. So she would give us these things called pigs in a blanket. She would take the hot dogs and cook them real good.…"


lady crown

@misscrown · 3mo ago · 0:25


"…Hi, Deborah. Hi, everyone. This is Cher. It's a going start. I'm going to kay. Okay, let's be real. I'm on a diet. I'm not going to talk about food. Especially not about my favorite meal from my childhood. No, not going to happen. Okay, so hi everyone. I'm new here. I don't know how this app works. I'm still figuring out so bear with me. Bye. Take care.…"


Doshon Farad

@DoshonFarad · 3mo ago · 0:33

"…I would say that perhaps my favorite meal from my childhood was lamb chops, mashed potatoes and some type of vegetable either be stringed beans or salad. And I can remember both my parents, you know, to this day, they are still excellently cooks. I always look forward to having that meal. It was something about a nice lamb chops and potatoes and ah, vegetables of course that was always emphasized in my family. That just made me looking forward to having it every time my parents served it.…"


Catherine Sheffield

@Cat_Sheffield · 3mo ago · 0:36

"…My desire is to collect insight and write down profound thoughts in a journal that I can someday lead to my children. What better gift than wisdom to leave to someone I love?…"


Jesus A Hernandez

@AHVO · 3mo ago · 1:55

"…So it's a whole art just to make a good cup of espresso, a good cup of coffee. So now I get to do that in my own home. Every morning. I look forward to waking up, and that's the first thing I do every morning. Prepare myself a great shot of double espresso, grinding the beans, just the whole process of it. I feel like a barista in my own home.…"


Lakshminarayana Nalluri

@nallurics · 3mo ago · 2:12

"…My favorite dish from my childhood is lemon rice which is to be called as pulihora in the native language and my mother is expert in preparing the dish. Pulihora is a popular South Indian dish that can easily be found in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It consists of rice, turmeric, Msmarina, cadillac, coriander, ginger and green chillies. Additionally, ELO lentils, roasted SEM seed powder and mustard seeds can be added to enhance the already rich flavors of the dish.…"


G K Sharma 🇮🇳🏆👨🏻‍💻🌅🏍️

@THE_GKS · 3mo ago · 1:16

@DBPardes - My Grandma’s bowl full of Euryale ferox or Makhana as we call it herr in India 🇮🇳was and is still one of the snack that make me feel good.

"…Hello Gibra. Good morning. Hope you're doing absolutely fine. Yes, I'm very useless. Swell. But I'm loving this wonderful platform. A place where I can share my thought and get feedback, a wonderful feedback from many enormous kind of people around the world which is just wonderful to you and to think about it. And regarding this topic, a bowl full of uriali, ferraris or Marina, which we call it in India was the best and is swell.…"


Suchitra Soni

@Trapsie_Diaries · 3mo ago · 2:45

#food #travel #childhood#memories #friends# happiness #togetherness

"…And whenever I see my sons enjoying food when they are back home for a few days from boarding my memories are straight away connected to my friends. We are still in touch but those memories of childhood, particularly around my chiffon box lingered on my mind till today and they have added to the most happy memories. As I say, food is one thing that connects us all, brings in a lot of happiness and togetherness. Thank you so much.…"


Missy Lawson

@MindfulandChill · 2mo ago · 1:50

Mom’s Chicken and Dumplings 😋

"…Hi, Deborah, and thanks for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. And I love the call to action here and filling the empty bowl. And the minute you described the activity, I immediately was taken back to being probably an older elementary student and helping my mom make chicken and dumplings and just watching her roll out the dumpling. And we didn't do drop dumplings.…"


lloyd dunn

@lgdunn · 2mo ago · 1:50

#tomatoGravyandbiscuits #Cocogravy

"…Tomato and gravy and biscuits and chocolate gravy and biscuits or cocoa gravy and biscuits, both of which is a southern delicacy. At least it is here in Tennessee. I grew up eating those kinds of stuff. If you have tried it, do you like it? Do you like one prefer over the other? Did you grow up with it at your grandma's house? But yeah, that's what I remember eating growing up. Chocolate gravy and biscuits and tomato gravy and biscuits.…"


Abhijit Mahanta

@abhijit.mahanta · 2mo ago · 0:43

"…Hey, Deborah. Thank you so much for welcoming me. Well, I cannot remember what was my favorite meal in my childhood, but what I'd like to share is that I played a sport called cricket in India and one of my school teacher when I was in the 6th tender told me that I was not capable enough to play this game. And by ten standard I went on to give the first interschool cup to my school.…"


Prabha Iyer

@PSPV · 2mo ago · 2:51

#Swellcast # voiceoverpoets

"…But no, I don't think so. According to my perception, it is not to hurt any individual integrity, but to my perception. I feel that pick foods which you like or don't like, take it little, taste it, you find delicious, take more. Otherwise, whatever you have taken, just see that you don't throw it. Because all of them cannot afford the food that we have today. Many of them.…"


B Jack

@Salted · 2mo ago · 3:33

#Bigmom #From Scratch

"…It was just so much if I just keep naming homemade ice cream and three layer cakes from coconut to lima meringue pies and German chocolate Red Velvet, and I could just go on and on of the meals and the dishes. So I don't know if I have one favorite, but those collard greens always come to me, my mind.…"


Natalie Dawn

@yourbetterdays · 2mo ago · 1:43

My memories of a full bowl.

"…And we would kind of all come together and be very excited and usually fight over who is going to get that last little piece. And even bonus, it was delicious the next day. I remember my brother always used to put ketchup on it. That wasn't my thing. I like just the natural spices of it. But yeah. So I'm excited to be part of this community and get to know and learn and share and yeah. Thank you for listening. Have a great day.…"


bhosya studio

@loda · 2mo ago · 0:28

"…Hello guys. My name is Ashish Kumar. My studio name Ashish. Tattoos. I am a freelancer tattoo artist, caricature artist, small artist and big British ink blazer. Tattoos. Studio maori tattoos. Mandala. Tattoos. Tribal tattoos. So behind like this.…"


Irfan Kadeer

@Tyler07 · 2mo ago · 3:03

Winter speciality in Kashmir

"…And since I read, I heard some of you people talking about things and yeah, I wish I could go back right now and have a taste of it, but I cannot. If any of you ever visits Kashmir and two inventors, you should definitely ask people about this particular dish that I just mentioned. You are going to love it. And that'll be all. That will be my first podcast and my introduction.…"


Akul Mathur

@amos_316 · 2mo ago · 0:22

"…Deborah, if you're listening, my favorite childhood meal would be parboiled rice with mashed potatoes and chicken curry.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2mo ago · 0:20


"…Hey, I got to ask you what parboiled rice is. Does it mean it's harder than regular rice? You got to go there with me, because I don't understand that. All I have in my mouth right now as an image or feeling is sticky, hard rice that I can't swallow. What's parboiled rice?…"

Isabella Santana

@chavelly398 · 2mo ago · 0:32

"…Hi. Deborah. So I'm Bella. I'm an associate manager at OMD USA. I work in pet pharma. I'm also a proud grad student at the City College of New York. I actually found out about swell from my climate optimism professor. And in terms of food, I remember being little and having crackers from the Kevlar elves, the big green container with just a pinch of butter.…"

Divya Shree

@explorer · 2mo ago · 0:57

#food #india #rice #childhood #memories #happyplace

"…So once you burn all this and you make it into a paste and add salt to it and then eat it with hot rice, the divine feeling when you put that into the mouth, the taste of that tomato and chili just burst into your tongue. That feeling, that divine feeling with little bit of code, it just takes me back to my childhood, takes me back to my home, which is my comfort.…"

Akul Mathur

@amos_316 · 2mo ago · 0:22


"…Yeah, but when you boil it enough for a very long time, just keep boiling it and all the froth and all that white thing comes off. And then it's just too soft, and it's a little swelly. It's swell, has small grains, and then it's more like paella.…"


biswa ranjan bhuyan

@Biswaranjan33 · 2mo ago · 0:50

"…Hey Divya, my name is Visa and I am from Orisa which is a strait of India. And my favorite food is like since my childhood is water rice which is famous in Orissa. And along with that I love to eat called Saga which is a green leaf vegetable, something like that and with drumstick and potato fried is my favorite and I think in Odisa we all love that food. So I love this food and I would like to share with any one of you.…"


Hanifa Akhtar

@hanifa · 2mo ago · 1:33

"…These were cooked in tomatoes. And I loved to untie the stuffed curry la with greed, joy and amusement. They tasted yum and will remain my favorite. And of course my kids Rao they are so happy when I prepared the same dish for them. But the taste of my mom was that cannot be replaced. Thank you.…"


Vipin Kamble

@Vipin0124 · 2mo ago · 1:08


"…And whenever we have extra food at home, sometimes we overcook and people in the family, they don't feel like eating. So whatever the extra food is available at home, I prefer to give it to my maid in edible conditions so that it could feed her family, her members in her house. That's hall from my side. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with all of us.…"


Amal Ibrahim

@WanderingHope · 2mo ago · 1:19


"…Usually when I travel, I tend to look for foods that have rice and vegetables. So I like a nice fried rice. I'm not a vegetarian, but I call myself a part time vegetarian. So I'm happy with vegetable fried rice, and hopefully it has plenty of broccoli, cauliflower, and other similar type vegetables. And I'm really excited about using this app.…"


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