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#InterviewMe - A fun way to join #InterviewAFriend week on Swell

If you would like to be interviewed on Swell, then simply do a post about the topic you want to be interviewed on and tell a little bit about yourself. Include the hashtag hashtag Interview me in the description. For people who are looking to interview someone, they should simply search for the hashtag hashtag Interview Me and see who all has posted about getting interviewed. They can reply and begin interviewing that person right then and there. It's that easy. So let's try this out folks

Simply post a Swell with hastag #InterviewMe if you want to get interviewed on Swell and be part of #InterviewAFriendWeek!

Janet Kadow
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Hello. I'm Janet Cato, and I would love to be interviewed on swell. I'm brand new here and looking to get more involved, so I teach spirituality. So I am an expert in spirit guides, angels, and all that kind of fun stuff, as well as metaphysics and esoteric principles and practices. So I'd love to have an interview. I've been doing this for about 20 years, and it would be lovely to get to know another Swell member in this way
Eric Owens
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Where am I with the book I'm working on now? What struggles am I facing as a writer? All things podcasting, both audio only and video. So I've been podcasting for many years now myself, in both audio and video formats. What platforms do I use? What equipment should a person use if they're interested in doing it themselves? I could provide advice on that. The house of podcasting, essentially hiking and backpacking. Hiking or backpacking solo, for example
Theo Seibold
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@Taylor #InterviewMe

And in some cases you'd have artists that would doodle and draw stuff for just a few bucks. That's how I got to meet Scotty James Dolhan from the original Star Trek, who was wonderful and delightful. And now, obviously we have every place has a kind of grand comic book convention or pop culture convention, if you will, because they're not just about comic books anymore. In some cases, they don't even really highlight comic books
Debbie Griffiths
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#interviewme #interviewmeweek

Hi Taylor. Thanks so much for the invite to be interviewed. I hope you will consider me. My name is Debbie Griffiths. I am a native Californian mother of three children who have long flown the coup but recently wrote a book regarding gas lighting. It's a fictional tale based on true events, actually my events. And it shows the subtleties of gas lighting and the red flags and also a story of hope that you can leave these type of situations and successfully rebuild your life
Brenda Boch
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Well, Eric, if anybody decides to host an interview with you, I'd love to hear it. You sound like a super interesting guy
Rocío (Ro) Christensen
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Hey, Janet. This sounds super interesting. I would love to interview you. I'll start as well now and tag you. And you can respond there whenever you want
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

LadyRaeJ Johnson
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You have adult children, I do too. I'm divorced, been divorced for I think, nine or ten years now. I'm not even trying to keep count. It's been a while. But I would love to talk with you and I'm just hoping that the interview that I do, because that is what I do
Debbie Griffiths
@Brkntobldness · 0:23


Hey, Ray Jay. This is Debbie Griffiths here. Thanks so much for your response. I would love to do an interview with you. I did find you on Facebook and Instagram, so hopefully we can connect and conduct this interview fairly quickly. Hope you have a great night, have a great weekend and take care
Jaya Chawla
@JayaC · 2:06


And being a guy I know is my profession, but personally, I see a lot of people struggling with personal interactions with people, their equations, with friends, their partners. Sometimes moving on is a very difficult idea. Holding together is a very, very difficult idea. I see people with tendencies to give up on life, and I would love to be interviewed in this arena
Prabha Iyer
@PSPV · 1:11


Hey all this is Prabha here from India. I'm new to this swell. And about me yes, I did my studies in Calcutta, presently residing in Chennai and I love to talk, I love to read. Music is my passion, cooking and the spare time that I get I love to sleep for a while. Swell nap for a while and yes, this is a very interesting session