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Deborah Pardes

 · 2mo ago · 1:26

New here? Let me help you!

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"…For example, you might say you're interested in poetry or books. You might say you want to talk about life coaching or mental wellness. Or perhaps you want to have a thoughtful conversation about the current news. The Swell team will listen to your reply and then invite you to certain conversations that you really may enjoy talking in. And, of course, you can browse the Swell app and join any conversation you like. All conversations on Swell are open for anyone to join.…"

Welcome! Reply to this Swell and my team will help curate your initial conversations on Swell 🙂


Michelle Antoinette

@createandconvo · 2mo ago · 1:56

"…You. Hi. So I'm so happy I found your post. And I think that I'm really interested in conversations about people that are in a similar place as me, where you kind of are looking at new things, maybe new career moves or business businesses that you want to create or even just new hobbies.…"


Mike W

@Scribe7 · 1mo ago · 5:00


"…But I watched an old movie, I seen this really elaborate hint in a I think it was a Civil War drama and I've seen the general writing with a feather quill and setting up the ink and it always amazed me how people back then all took the time to do that, you know what I mean? To write that neatly, to have that style. And ever since then I've been writing with flexib fountain pens.…"


Vinita/ Veena Bodhe

@veenascreation · 1mo ago · 4:01

"…You. Hello everyone, this is Veena and I am an author, I am a public speaker, I want to train many people in future regarding to the soft skills. I just love to connect with the people and share the stories. I am a public speaker basically and I cultivate more and more hobbies and I want to write the poetry. I have written a book that is a woman empowerment as a co author. The book is she and that could be circulated among the globe.…"


Nidhi Bhardwaj

@Nidhi.Bhardwaj · 1mo ago · 1:22

"…You. Hi, everyone on swell. I am new to this app, and this is my very first what can I say a podcast. I don't know. So, yeah, I'm a bit lost about what should I talk about. I mean, I have many things. I have many interests. For example, I can talk about mental wellness and I can talk about any kind of relationships with family or some romantic relationships. And I can talk about food.…"


Arish Ali

@arish · 1mo ago · 0:33

@Nidhi.Bhardwaj Quick Start Guide to start your swellcast https://s.swell.life/STcTmpW7UvoXDby

"…You. Hi, Nidi. And anyone else who stumbles upon here and is looking to start this swell cast and post their first well, really good place to learn how to do that is the Quickstart Guide. I have linked to it out here. So just tap on it, go to it, and Phil explains how very quickly you can get started with your own cell cast and what kind of things you can talk about, so you'll find it really useful.…"

Hritik Sharma

@Hritz_history · 1mo ago · 0:44


"…Ah. Welcome to Swell, first of all. And thank you so much for joining Swell. If you don't know what to talk then you can see a lot of different topics to trend. Karna swell pay social media pay API life maybe qui problem kisido senarazi kutchi as a random place Karigi sonasakte Matawai gartam mujajo lakhtaman mama sonadata rigor sector hope swell Vanata will criticize each other which will support each other will listen each other and joby processes will do hopefully.…"


Jack Lhasa

@jlhasa · 1mo ago · 0:42

Im Jack, i’m here because I teach creative writting workshops. And, explainong meter and cadence arw easier with speech.

"…It's. Hi, Deborah. I'm Jack. I currently host poetry workshops that go from introduction all the way up to fully skilled. I also design worlds. I'm a world builder. I write my own fiction. There's a very complex fiction world fictional world I'm working on right now. And I'm doing original art for that. Started to download as well, because I thought my poetry workshop could use some poetry being read.…"


Jimmy King

@JustThinking · 1mo ago · 0:31

Electric cars, solar Grand projects like the Internet interstate system

"…It's. Hey, Deborah, this is Jim. Hey. I'm into. What I really want to talk about is where's all the grand projects, you know, the Hoover Dam, the interstate, highways, the electric cars, solar powered. This is some of the things that I'm really interested in. Thank you.…"

dradarrius Sanders

@princedra · 1mo ago · 0:02


"…What's up?…"

Arthur Benitez

@Arthur_Dante · 1mo ago · 1:22

"…Hey there. I'm new to swell. I just signed up Mike three days ago maybe. So I'm really kind of new in everything. I'm just trying to figure out how it works. Well, I'm really liking it. So far as you may hear, English is not my first language.…"


Nastaran Yazdan

@Nastaran · 1mo ago · 0:11

"…I like to talk about astrology and yeah, astrology.…"


Sunny Wagner

@SunnySideUp · 1mo ago · 0:39


"…So I can definitely agree with this. This is something that I've wanted to talk about. Life experiences, life challenges, relationships, family relationships, motherhood. I was a young mother at a young age, so there are different things that I went through that I wanted to share with other young mothers as well as me. Mental illness is a big one. A big one.…"


Renee Weston-smart

@Resilienceislyf · 1mo ago · 1:19

#newbie #encouragementcoach

"…It. So the things that I am interested in is life coaching Christian content. I am very interested in also having people listening to my encouragement coaching but also would like to glean and lean, learn from from others. So I'm more in a life coaching vein with inspirational. But I am very funny. I like music and I also like jokes. So those are the things that I like. I'm really enjoying this app.…"


Christine Paige

@Immeasurable · 1mo ago · 0:43

"…Christine. Hi, Deborah. My name is Christine and I joined Swell about two months ago. I just made my first post today. Poetry post. I'm looking for a group that is interested in writing their own books but just haven't wrote their own books yet, have several opportunities or they feel they've had several opportunities but just have not had the inspiration, the motivation to write that book.…"


Badia Atcherson

@BMoKareful · 1mo ago · 1:43

"…Me. Hi, thank you for having me. Thank you for the live. I just saw you on Live on Instagram and I said, let me check out Swell and see what's going on. My sister and I are starting we're starting our first podcast and we've been fishing around to see what's the right platforms so far. I'm liking what I see here on Swell, though. The the fact that we are able to start conversations as well as join other conversations.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 1mo ago · 0:24


"…Hey, Bodhe. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for watching the IG Live and being here. It's thrilling when a person gets from there to here and yeah, there's so many soulful conversations on Inspiration Channel, on the Mental Wellness Channel, on the Stories and Anecdotes Channel Just For Fun Channel. Yeah, those stations are wonderful. And we'll definitely share some of those with you. Welcome to Squell. Great to hear your voice.…"

Wehi 808

@storiesofhawaii · 1mo ago · 2:27

Aloha, Swell team. My name is Kawehi. I am 30 years old interested in running a podcast. Mahalo and thank you.

"…And I did one documentary so far with the local media center and I'm also interested in art, music, mental wellness, many things that I'm trying to condense and hopefully pick a topic that I really enjoy and I'm just really looking forward to starting a podcast that really interests people and get their attention. I dance hula. I was an avid volleyball player before and I also like to listen to music a lot and I play for ukulele and some guitar. My dad is very musical as well.…"


Beth Demillones

@minadora · 1mo ago · 3:31

"…Women who are going through menopausal having an autoimmune issues diseases like that. Because I'm going through it right now and I'm very interested how people's experiences about menopausal and like hashimoto autoimmune issues. There's just so many things that I wanted to learn from other people's experience. Maybe I can take it from the grain of salt and learn how to deal with it or how they go on with their life like that. And I also have so many interests that I wanted to learn and talk about.…"


Funmilayo Dixon

@Aunttea · 1mo ago · 1:54

"…I love painting, I love fiber, art of a knitter, a crochet. I have practice in holistic health, aromatherapy, polarity crystals. Really into new age. I like a lot of different things. But this all came about from having general conversations with my family, mainly my nieces and my daughters, about helping them navigate their way through life. They're in have a couple that's in their twenty s and I seem to always be the go to person whenever they have an issue.…"



@revolution4chae · 4w ago · 5:00

How to cope with the loss of a Loved One ?🥲 #covid19 #nineeleven #virus #pandemic #copingthelostofsomeone #healingsouls

"…That's very sad. But what about the other people that lost their loved ones during the 911? That was a very traumatic event of our lives here in the United States. And nobody couldn't say goodbye in that morning, the beautiful morning where all those chaotic events happened. It's it's very sad and it's very touching and it's very painful. Sometimes I feel sad. Sometimes I feel unconforming with what is going on. Sometimes I renee the whole situation.…"


Sana Alam

@sana18 · 4w ago · 0:53

"…You. Hi guys. So this is Sana and I think this is the first time I'm recording this. I have lots of topic to talk about. Like I think I can talk about anything, any topic. But just because of my recent breakup, what happened in my relationship, it was a three year relationship. I want to talk about that only. And also I'm very much interested in solving other relationship problem as well.…"


Libbie Windley

@LelandFamilyMin · 4w ago · 4:20

"…We're also in the process of creating a children's memorial garden in lakeland, Florida, a place that can bring healing to parents that have lost a child and just a place that would help them be able to honor their child's life and legacy. So we're super excited to meet new people, to connect with others and get our message out, but also learn from others and see how we can connect and just be a resource for people that are lonely, people that are needing support and help.…"


Heather B

@HeatherB · 4w ago · 0:27

"…You. Hi there. I'm brand new to Swell, and I just uploaded my first one, but I'm kind of stuck there. So I'm going to have a call with your team. But I just wanted to say I talk about digital wellness, so I guess that goes under mental health and technology, but that's what I talk about. That's what I'm interested in, mainly focusing on tweens and teens.…"


Renee 🪬

@RensLens · 4w ago · 0:52

"…And yeah, I'm into lifestyle and wellness and I'm a huge yogi. I don't know if I would engage on that type of platform, but I'm totally open to it. And, yeah, those are my things. Thanks so much.…"


Malavika Sathian

@malavikasathian · 4w ago · 3:17

1st Swell. New to the platform :)

"…I mean, watching them gives a lot of happiness. And listening to music is again, beyond languages, beyond the genre, whatever it is. I love listening to all kinds of music. I enjoy them a lot. And I'm currently a postgraduate student. So looking for job is my part time business right now. This is my very first Swell and I'm very new to this platform.…"


Nicki Hambleton

@nickihambleton · 4w ago · 2:15

I’m new to Swell & excited to see what conversations i can have with diverse people #introvert #education #visualthinking #sketchnotes #wellbeing

"…You. Hello, Deborah. Thank you so much for this. I've literally just joined Swell as a friend of Mike, recommended it, and I've listened to some of her first little conversations. So I guess just to let you know a little bit about me, I have been teaching for over 30 years. I'm a visual arts teacher, trained as a graphic design, and I finished teaching last year and have set up small business about education consultancy Sketch Notes Visual Thinking.…"


Annette Rodriguez

@Blesid1 · 4w ago · 1:04

"…Good afternoon. Happy Saturday, happy Mother's Day weekend. My name is Annette and I am looking for I'm new, I just signed up last night. I think it was like 01:00 in the morning. And what I'm looking for is conversations, Mike. Inspirational conversations. Conversations. Spiritual conversations. Um, definitely mindset. You know, mindset. Chae conversation. Empowerment conversations. I am a I'm a Godly woman and I am a I am a Heather, a Bible studies teacher.…"


Brian Nettles

@Duvalwheelz · 4w ago · 0:17

"…It's. Hi. I'm into music producing and other related music stuff.…"


Amit Kochar

@bobbykochar · 4w ago · 0:11

"…Hi, guys. I am interested in astrology and philosophy. So could you tell me something about that?…"


3J Foster

@SOYEAHTHERESTHA · 4w ago · 1:37

"…You. Well, thank you. I think this might be beneficial to help me discover just how I'll navigate this new app. I believe that I would be interested in, I suppose conversations that involve a bit of self reflection, outside observation of just the human psyche and the nature of us beings and those that have like minds, anything that perhaps discusses family dynamics, work, relationship dynamics, dysfunction, so many other things. I guess. I suppose I'm not limiting myself to just one thing.…"


Nairobi Fowler

@Poeta · 4w ago · 2:06

"…So I found that a lot of people are into podcasting nowadays and trying to reach out what they're interested in. So I found the app and I found it could be an outlet for me. I love to ride. Most of my poetry is in Spanish, so it's a good thing that I'm from Cuba. But at the same time, I want to reach more than that. I'm interested in writing books.…"

Pam Nabors

@Mochalady23 · 4w ago · 0:57

I am new. I just love encouraging people

"…You're? Well, my name is Pam Neighbors and on swell, I Pam Mocha lady. I just like encouraging people uplifting people. I've been through a lot in my life and have seen a lot, heard a lot, just got a lot to talk about. So I know mental illness, mental health is very important. I am a step mom, so raising children that you didn't birth is a good subject to talk about in the world today.…"

@PuRSole · 4w ago · 0:35

"…You. Thank you for welcoming me to the Swell cast as being a new Swell caster. I have a great desire to talk about spiritual and mental wellness as well as physical wellness. And I'm open to other conversations. But my main focus and heartbeat our conversations based on spiritual, faith based wellness and physical health.…"


@PuRSole · 4w ago · 0:20

"…You. Oh, and one more thing. I'm also interested in just talking about how life is lifeing for everyone in the climate and times that we're living in. So all things life, I would love to discuss as well.…"

Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15


@Cejae_Johnson · 4w ago · 4:34

I’m new here an wanna talk about it

"…Everybody's relationship is different and I just want to hear things you may be going through in your relationship. Somebody else may hear it and they have something good to tell you or some good advice to dish out to you. And I also would love to hear about keyword love. I would like to hear about your love stories or what you thought was going to be your love story, things like that or things that you love. I would also like to hear about.…"


SpeakLord0315# Smith

@h.o.p.e0411 · 3w ago · 1:41

Hi my name is Pam S. I am an author, business coach and motivational speaker looking to connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

"…Good morning. Hi. My name is Pam. I am an author, business coach, motivational speaker and an encourager looking to connect with likeminded professionals that are basically life coaches that encourage others and help them to identify identify their God given talents. I do this through weekly podcast which is called Ho P E, an acronym which stands for hope, Opportunity, Purpose and Execution. And so the words of encouragement will come forth in three to five minute podcast that encourages the listeners week.…"


Rocío (Ro) Christensen

@rocio · 3w ago · 0:25

@revolution4chae https://s.swell.life/STeM47kTu1MwK6v

"…Hey, welcome to swell. I'm linking this Swell that might be interesting to you. This user in general is fantastic. Talking about loss and family and grief and getting back up. So check it out. Check out her profile. More in depth if you like it. And I hope it's interesting to you and let me know if it's not and I'll find something else. So thank you for being here.…"

Rocío (Ro) Christensen

@rocio · 3w ago · 0:34

@sana18 https://s.swell.life/STeM4wbzkVSYNAG

"…Hey, welcome to swell. I'm linking this this post from a super prolific user who has so many other swell on relationships and wellness and stuff like that. So hopefully this is interesting to you. If not, definitely check check out some of her other posts because there's there's so much and and depending on what, you know, in kind of relationship talk you're into, I can assure you she has at least one post about it.…"


Rocío (Ro) Christensen

@rocio · 3w ago · 0:18

@HeatherB https://s.swell.life/STeM5hEtmNROwa6

"…Hi, Heather. I think we've connected before. I think I replied to one of your posts, but I'm linking this great conversation that Deborah had with another person who's into or who works in digital wellness. So I'm going to link it here, check it out, let me know if you like it.…"


Rocío (Ro) Christensen

@rocio · 3w ago · 0:23

@TheDailyDose https://s.swell.life/STeM6IVMYJIVwlP

"…Hey. Welcome to swell. This is definitely a platform where you can find people interested in yoga and wellness. I'm I'm linking this this Swell that I thought was super interesting. I really like that this user talks about yoga beyond the postures. I thought that was super interesting, but yeah. Check it out. Let me know if you like it. Otherwise, I can find something else, maybe.…"


Rocío (Ro) Christensen

@rocio · 3w ago · 0:32

@nickihambleton https://s.swell.life/STeM6mg6fFfEiNY

"…Hey, welcome to swell. There's so many creative thinkers on here. It makes for really, really fun conversations and sometimes brainstorming sessions, which is cool. But I really liked what you were saying about being interested in talking about introverted. Yeah. Learning and stuff like that. And I'm linking this post by this user who talks a lot about out neurodiversity and different experiences with that. So hopefully that's up your alley. Let me know what you think.…"


Rocío (Ro) Christensen

@rocio · 3w ago · 0:15

@Blesid1 https://s.swell.life/STeM7bga6pQIxz8

"…Hey, welcome to swell. You'll definitely find a lot of conversations about spirituality and religion and God and inspiration. It's a great app for that. But I'm linking one of many posts here, so check it out and let me know what you think.…"

Rocío (Ro) Christensen

@rocio · 3w ago · 0:20

@bobbykochar https://s.swell.life/STeM8FJmmU40CQQ

"…Hey, welcome to swell. We got a few cool astrologers on here. I'm gonna I'm gonna link you to to this post. This user has a bunch of different posts on astrology and also does, like, tarot readings every once in a while. So if that's interesting to you, definitely check her profile out, but yeah, let me know what you think.…"

Rocío (Ro) Christensen

@rocio · 3w ago · 0:17

@PuRSole https://s.swell.life/STeM92wfrCjbI01

"…Hey, welcome to swell. There are so many conversations on spiritual, physical, mental wellness on here, and I really like this user in particular who talks about wellness with a spiritual lens. So check it out. Let me know what you think.…"

Rocío (Ro) Christensen

@rocio · 3w ago · 0:29

@Cejae_Johnson https://s.swell.life/STeM9kPin6uvADy

"…Hey, welcome to swell. There are so many conversations on love and relationships. I feel like you will encounter so many while you're on here on Swell. But I'm gonna link this user this user's post here, and it's it's one of many. She talks about many different things of relationships and stuff, love and everything. So, yeah, check it out. Let me know what you think.…"

Rocío (Ro) Christensen

@rocio · 3w ago · 0:27

@h.o.p.e0411 https://s.swell.life/STeMAfwmrfvwZxD

"…Hey, welcome to swell. There's definitely a lot of conversations on coaching and a lot of users who are coaches or getting their coaching certification, so definitely I'm sure you'll stumble upon them naturally, but I'm going to link one here. I really enjoyed this post and this user's content, so so hopefully you do too. Let me know what you think.…"

Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 3w ago · 0:20

@Duvalwheelz https://s.swell.life/STeMI53xpkcwE4X

"…Hey, Brian. I wanted to welcome you to Swell and tell you the Music Channel, definitely music Station Lhasa. Lot of conversations here's. One about a guy who is kind of looking at music in a really unique way as sort of a springboard for a new form of storytelling. So I'm going to post that here for you to check out.…"

Nelson Reyes

@Eivlsin · 3w ago · 0:37

"…Ah. I would like to talk about life, about God and about acceptance of who we are, our health, a family, a.…"

Rocío (Ro) Christensen

@rocio · 3w ago · 0:20

@Eivlsin https://s.swell.life/STeQYNVhpeXwfTG

"…Hey, welcome to swell. There are so many conversations about God and family and encouragement on here, and so I think if you if you check out the religion and spirituality station, you'll find surely something that appeals to you. But I'm linking this swell that I enjoyed listening to. So check it out. Let me know what you think.…"

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