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Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 2:01

#PoetryMonth | Celebrate April as National Poetry Month on Swell

In April of 1996, the Academy of American Poets launched National Poetry Month for the first time, celebrating poets integral role in our world and solidifying that poetry indeed still matters. It is now one of the largest literary celebrations in the world. Tens of millions of students, librarians, booksellers, literary event, curators, publishers, and readers and writers like me celebrate it every April. And we are doing that this month on swell

#Poetry #April Share your own poems or those by your favorite poets. Listen, recite, and discuss.

Prabha Iyer
@PSPV · 1:19
Happy morning. This is Prabha here from Chennai, India. So thank you so much for this wonderful information. I wasn't aware of it and normally what I do is I write poems and I store it in my note and keep it in the cupboard. Whenever I feel sad or disappointed, I take it out and I read on what all topics I have written the poem and it used to go like that and very happy to be a part of this
From Silence
@FromSilence · 0:38

Poetry challenge

It's. There were a few of us on Swell who are already intending to do some form of a poetry challenge. Specifically, I set out a while ago that I would post a new poem of mine every single day in the month of April. Which is kind of a big task because I only have twelve ready as of this. Morning. So I have a lot more writing still to do, but we are going to have fun with that and try and get other people involved
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 0:41
You. Thank you for sharing this swell. This is Erica at Souljourney One. K, how are you? I am a huge fan of poetry, and I'm glad that you gave some background on the start of Poetry Month. So I'll be sure to use the proper hashtags and such. I mean, I've been reading some amazing poetry and been I've been reading some thoughts about poetry, some really, really profound thoughts

New poem in celebration of April

It's a collection of 100 poems. It's a part two to my greatest hits. But anyway, so I had no idea that this month of April was like a thing for poets and poetry. Because being that I have uploaded videos in the past on different websites like YouTube and whatever, like Vimeo and stuff like that, that it never gets any traction. No one cares
Debora Grandison

@bowie #April #National Poetry Month

You. Thank you so much for sharing about the history of National Poetry Month. I am a huge fan of poetry and have been writing for quite a few years and have enjoyed sharing poetic pieces throughout the month of April on social media. Now that I am a part of the Swell community, I'm looking forward to sharing some of these pieces with all of you, and I'm looking forward to hearing your creative works as well
Stephanie Chatsey
@stephchats · 0:59
The secret box. November 26, 2016. To my dad. I have a secret box, and it's hidden deep inside. It keeps all the secrets and memories that I like to hide. Of you brushing my hair into a ponytail or us standing on the balcony feeding. Seagulls memories that I know will never fail now these memories can no longer be made I cry because I'll miss you dearly but I know that you're happier now than you were and so I'm happy with all the memories
Nidhin George 🔷
@geo_rhymes · 2:16

#PoetryMonth #poetry #swell #firstswell #itisswellwithmysoul Happy Poetry month to all poetry lovers. Here's a recital of one of my own poems.

She's a girl who can hook you with her casual smile. But to know how much closer it will take you a while don't get ahead of yourself because there's no guarantee. She may show you the colors, but only what she wants you to see. She wears all her charm on the folds of her sleeve and with the wink of an eye she can even deceive, she can stare into your soul and make you believe she knows
S. Sree
@studiosree · 0:44

A poem I wrote last year. #sangam #tamil #poem #poetry

This is a poem that I wrote in July of last year when I was inspired by reading team Sungum poetry, which is some of the most ancient, I guess you could say, poetry out there. And it goes like this. He said, my fingers ache to touch you, to run through the dark waves of your hair like a hummingbird sips nectar to feel the tips brush against me to see it adorned with jasmine plucked this morning, fragrant with dew
Buddah Desmond
@BuddahDesmond · 1:05

Happy National Poetry Month! Here’s a poem I wrote entitled "Finding Joy In Our Song." #poetry #poetrymonth #firstswell #poet #buddahdesmond #joy