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The Swell Team

 · 2yr ago · 0:28

Have you tried STATIONS in the home screen?

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"…Hello, this is Deborah from Swell, and I wanted to make sure you've noticed a new feature on the homepage of Swell. It's called Stations. It's a new way to experience Swell by dropping into communities. Focus on specific topics and categories, so just go to the home screen and click on the Stations tab at the top of the page and select a station that you want to listen to. And please let us know what you think of the future. Have a really good time.…"

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Tim Ereneta

@Tim · 2yr ago · 0:57

Hmmm 🤔

"…Well, I'm trying it now now that you've brought it to my attention and this looks to be a really useful feature and swell. The main reason I have not tried it until you brought it to my attention is because of the user interface. And you've probably heard this from other people with the Autopay feature on the home page. For some users myself included, the autoplay makes it so that we get off of that page as fast as possible because we're not interested student autoplay.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 1:25

@Tim the power of pause!!!

"…And thank you so much for your feedback. And I'm really happy that you're in this experiment phase to look at new tabs and new things because we're constantly evolving and it's super fun. And people like you are so valuable. And I love to hear your thoughts. So keep me posted.…"


Michael J.

@goatea · 2yr ago · 0:33

Where is stations tab?

"…Hey there. I'm on the homepage, and I don't see the tab stations. Maybe I meant looking in the wrong place, just curious how to get there, because I'm totally interested in that. I like the idea of just letting it run in the background like a it's like a radio. And I thought about that originally that it would be a good option, because that's how people like to use it as sort of, like background music.…"


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 2yr ago · 0:32


"…Hey Michael, so when you're on the home tab you'll see at the very top for you following and then the one on the very right may be auto selected to Latest or one of the other stations, but if you click on that one on the very right at the top to the right of following, you'll see that a scrolling screen pops up where you can choose the various stations. Let me know if I you're still having trouble finding it and let us know what you think.…"


Vijay Sundar

@Vzai1107 · 2yr ago · 0:02



C D Harmon

@Harmonies · 2yr ago · 0:04



Kim M

@kimestryarts · 2yr ago · 0:26

The power of the pause! @DBPardes

"…Deborah, thank you for giving us a note about the power of the pause. What an apt metaphor. So we can press pause when we don't want. And I have all these sounds coming at us. We can press pause in our lives when we need to take a moment. The power of the pause. That's a great message for today.…"


Susmitha Sathish

@Susmitha · 1yr ago · 4:45

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David Hochman

@heyhochman · 1yr ago · 0:59

"…And I just feel like that's the nature of the beauty and chaos of this country. So I'm all for the kind of throwing the dice and seeing where we land. I know it can be scary, but I also feel like that's part of the agreement when you sign up for true democracy and true voices across the country, that's one thought.…"


Nadine Epstein

@NadineEpstein · 1yr ago · 1:47

Nadine Epstein

"…And there were about ten about women, Madame Curie, Molly Pitcher, Clara Barton, Louisa May Alcott, just to name a few. And I always thought about this. And so I told her about that. And so we just had a conversation. And then I said something that I say probably once a week to someone we should write a book. And Justice Ginsburg said, yes, let's do it. And so there we were.…"


shitty productions

@Shreshta_2002 · 1yr ago · 0:23

Doubt on co host option

"…Hi. I was actually trying to use. I was confused. How can I add friends? Like if I want to take an interview of someone else? Because when I'm adding that plus sign, it's just showing me that I can myself. But then how can I bring in the cohost or another person who can speak with me at the same time.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 1yr ago · 1:12


"…Hey, Shreshta. If your swell is an open swell cast, meaning it's open to everyone to respond, you can share the link, and then they can click on the link and hit reply as a sort of another voice in your thread. There's a way to have cohosts to share the swell cast as its own channel.…"


Joohi Sachdeva

@JoohiSachdeva10 · 1yr ago · 0:05

Joohi Sachdeva - helloo to all

"…Hello, My name is Julie Fetch Deva Nice to meet you all.…"


Amar singh

@Amar12 · 1yr ago · 0:03



Aditi Singh Tharran

@aditi_tharran · 1yr ago · 2:11

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Rahul Kumar

@Wakeuprahul · 1yr ago · 0:11

"…Wow. I'm completely loving this feature and this platform. This is literally amazing. I'm completely enjoying it and yes, thank you, everyone.…"


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