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The Swell Team

 · 1w ago · 1:25

Join the #WorkAdvice week on Swell! March 20th - March 28th

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"…Welcome to the Hashtag Workadvice event week on swell. From now until March 28, we are encouraging Swell users to ask questions, seeking everything from general career advice to specific workplace issues. We are also encouraging our more experienced Swell users to share advice to the Swell users who may be at the start or just beginning of their careers. What do you know now that you wish you knew?…"

#WorkAdvice Ask questions for others to answer or share advice you know now that you wish you knew earlier


Jeffrey Andino

@jeyrocky · 6d ago · 1:19

Motivation and hope

"…Hello, everyone. I'm new to this platform, and I just wanted to share, like, I want to share motivation and, like, hope with everyone, anybody that that could find, you know, anything positive from my message. So for today, I wanted to share hope. You know, no matter what you're going through, no matter what struggles you're going through, always know that there's light at the end of the tunnel. Better days will come.…"


Mark Lesser

@marklesserart · 6d ago · 3:53

#workadvice #interviewing

"…You're not just there to hope that they pick you. Find something about them, learn about them, look them up on LinkedIn if they're there, do your homework not just on the company, but the person you're meeting with. Feel like you're interviewing them and find out their career track. How do you like working here? It can be a really simple question. It doesn't have to be elaborate. If you could fix something about your company, what would it be?…"


SoulJourney 1K

@SoulJourney1K · 3d ago · 1:46


"…But I think it's very important that you create space for your work area so that it can increase your production. Make sure your space is clear, unless you have a couple of cute desk buddies on there. And yeah, just make sure that it's a room that's lively and full of energy. So that's all I have. I hope hope this advice helps someone. Again. This is Erica at Souljourney One. K have a great day.…"

SADÉ Mcclenton

@KINGPOP · 3d ago · 0:44

How #hastagworkadvice how get sponsored

"…You. How you doing? I just wanted to ask, how would you go about getting sponsored for your book or your movie? Something that you feel is worth someone taking a chance on you? How do you get the attention of the sponsor? How would you go about that? If you can answer that, please let me know. Thank you, and have a good, good day. Bye.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2d ago · 1:41


"…It's actually out there in the world being looked at by people. And then from there, you never know what happens because then all of a sudden you're with other people. I think the biggest mistake we all make is to keep stuff in a little box and not even take the risks. So take the risks, get out there, enter lots of contests and enter opportunities.…"


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