Mirror and me!

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Hey guys. Hello everyone. It's been long since I all spoke to you and I also am very sad that I didn't get any replies from you like, I don't know that you like my wise or you like my way of talking. I don't know anything. So if I just wanted new friends to talk and enjoy with you all, so please, you can give me one or two replies so that I can get positive hearings from you


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Harisri Palanivel
@H_sri_1607 · 0:58
Hey Sushmi as said the content was good. Even it was quite informative and new to hear. Even I'm a kind of mirror talker, but I don't speak to mirrors for five minutes. It's that way, especially in morning time. I just see myself one day when I get out or if I'm going somewhere. If I'm getting ready, I just speak someday. Sometimes I'll do something. I love your voice so much. You're having good talents in you
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Susmitha Sathish
@Susmitha · 0:43


Hey Harishi, thank you so much. That's good to hear from you and I love to motivate people, but people hate to hear advice. Their life is a big. I also no problem. I keep giving many motivational talks, but few listeners can have my talks, but I don't know how far people love Mike, my motivational ideas which I post here, but still I am thankful to you for giving your reply here and thank you. Bye
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