Why do I hate video games

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I mean playing games for 12 hours a day. What will happen? You think? See, it's not only about a five year old kid, you know, like my cousin's daughter, she's playing nearly for five to 6 hours a day. Imagine a two year old daughter playing video games for 8 hours or 5 hours a day. Will it boost the health of the child? No. Absolutely no. So these are the reasons why I hate video games


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Harisri Palanivel
@H_sri_1607 · 0:29
Hey Sush, actually, whatever you said was Paka correct. Even I don't like video games cause it just creates a kind of anxiety and kind of depression. If you come out of the game, even I prefer more kind of outdoor games instead of these indoor means mobile related things. So nice content and keep going on. Thank you
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Susmitha Sathish
@Susmitha · 0:02
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