Susmitha Sathish

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Score card and table toppers!


"…So Maxwell delivered some splendid performance for the team and fashioned few wins for RCB. So unlike every year the team had a good start to the session and is placed to third position on the points table. The defending Champions of Mobile Indians on the other hand find themselves in a fourth spot on the points table. So first is Delhi. Second is Chennai. I am supporting Chennai. So how many of you are supporting Chennai?…"

#IPL 2021


Vishwa K S

@VishwaKS2005 · 1yr ago · 0:09

"…Hey, Shoes, this was a nice post. Just amazed to see you talking about RCB in a great way. Love that.…"

Susmitha Sathish

@Susmitha · 1yr ago · 0:34

"…Hey, yes, really. I like RCB also because of particular players. I like them. Yes, I from your post. I can see that you are a RCB fan, so wishes for you also, RCB also lay well pre compared to last two years. Rcb is scoring very high in this season. Yeah, great way to go. Okay, all the best.…"


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