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Sushila Yadav
@Sushi10 · 1:52

Multitasking (A Chaos)

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They believe in doing only one task with whole concentration. They say that multitasking does nothing, just it diverse your thoughts and distracts you. And I also believe the same thing. It's the human tendency that it is near to impossible to focus on two or three things in one go. Of course, you need to be concentrated on one thing to achieve your target. Whatever you set it. We are already living in fast moving world. This world has lots of distractions

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Kavya .
@Kavya13 · 1:45
And this makes sense when we consider that by habit multitaskers, constantly refocus on a new task and effectively distracting themselves from their original task, and yes, it's my view about the multitasking
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Ritika Gupta
@Ritika_Gupta · 1:15
Hello. Hi, Sushila. So I agree with you that multitasking is very chaotic. But then again, everything done in its limit is really nice. If you go over a certain limit, then anything can be nuisance. So for multitasking, I believe that doing three things at the same time isn't a lot
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