Ren Dirt
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How do you enter the NOW?

Some of the ways that I am forced into the now I was thinking about this. It's almost a contradiction. I've done a couple of swells on the body and pain is actually one of the ways that I am forced back into the now moment. This hurts now out. I am here in a body. And I do really think that's one of the ways that my body communicates with me kind of looping back around to other swells I've done here

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Deborah Pardes
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G.L.T.T.R. Ground. Listen. Turn towards. Respond.

So I'm gonna share. Thank you. By the way, that was just awesome. And your pacing is like, ridic. It's so chill. I just almost fall asleep. Really beautiful to give us an invitation to slow down. Because, Boyd, you may make me slow down even at 2.0. I slow down, but at real time, your pacing is like, I don't know. It's like watching light in the sky

It's a "Happening." | Thank U

And the only way that I make it back to my physical body and to this happening is if I connect myself to not a physical thing but an idea. And I believe that by anchoring myself to an idea, I'm anchoring myself to who I am cosmically, not just who I am as a human, but who am I beyond flesh, who am I in higher dimensions? Who am I in energy, who am I in light and ultimately, who am I in and out of time?
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Welcome to Swell!

Enfinit Evolushun
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This is awesome. This is very relaxing. I hate being relaxed. Oh, my goodness. So, wow. I'm just going to answer the question because all three of you came from three different angles of existence. I didn't realize that you were such a cosmic thinker, Aaron. And. Wow. Okay. All right. I see you. So grounding for me is a lot different from how I teach people to ground. I don't ground. I don't think I ground anymore
Ren Dirt
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@DBPardes @The3rdOWL @Enfinit THANK YOU 💫

Oh, wow. Hello, everybody. One of the ways that I personally stay grounded is to take take a little break from my social media apps. So that is what I did. And then I came back to wow, three completely different yet still connected responses. Thank you. That's what I've got right now. It's just so much gratitude, so much gratitude for all of you, for this community on Swell. I am very new here
Yesenia Fernandez
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@SurRenDirt Listening + Empathizing = The Now

And even if it's with people just sitting down and listening to them, like really listening to them, not to respond, but just really walking with them in their pain or maybe in their joy. It gives you this feeling that they're not alone and you're not alone. We all learn from others some way or the other, and that's energy learning is energy. It's everywhere you just have to pick up on it. It's embrace that