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How does your body communicate with you?

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Not when it's screaming, not when the alarms are blaring, but how does your body just speak to you have spent 37 years in this body here, and I am still trying to figure this out. My body is very good at screaming, and that is often the point where I pay attention. And then when I go back, I can look and see, oh, that tightness in my chest. That little subtle tightness that working harder to breathe, the tension in my gut in my stomach

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And the biggest thing with it is usually when I'm processing some sort of like big stress or dealing with the trauma or something like that, which I just totally had no awareness of until more recent years, like maybe the past five years of the way in which my body is just storing and holding on to things and having a hard time letting go
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It's just holding the face right at the chin and the jawline. So putting two hands right there and just holding as you would a child's face. Right. Consensually, of course. Just holding touch. It's a great way to ground and to feel held. Alright. That's all for now
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