suraksha Maggu
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36 national conference in my college (Tecnia institute of advanced studies) Hope you all are excited for it❣️❣️❣️

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Hello family. How are you all? So Besides Suraksha Alghu and I hope you all are doing great. So I'm here to tell you something very exciting and informative
Akanksha Rai
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Jay Suraksha that conference was Mindblowing our Abyss servers also there, and senior anchors were also. So that was very, very good and very enjoyable. You can say very informative
Vanshika Negi
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That was truly an incredible, informative session. The speaker's confidence and knowledge for audiences. And I feel really grateful to be a part of the session. I am looking forward wholeheartedly to have such more sessions. Thank you. Technique. Thank you so much
Arushi .
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Yeah, the national conference was very informative as it was on national education policy, human values and media education amid the presentable speakers, the honorable speakers that were delayed coordinator, professor of the University, Mr, who was senior anchor NADP and Ms. Vanshika partner, who is senior and I occur in New India. So, yeah, it was very informative. When I look forward to any other this type of conferences
@Adhi.V · 0:17
Hi there. The national conference of the college was really informative. I usually don't attend conferences, but this one was really informative and interesting to me. I look forward to listening to more conference services. Thank you
Ramneek Takkar
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It was mind blowing and trusting and learned a lot of things
Garv Arora
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It was a mind blowing session, and I learned a lot, to be honest. And I'm looking forward to such sessions
Deepika Juneja
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Looking forward to more such sessions

Nashishin was very informative. It was a great opportunity to meet such people from Media line and to learn from them
Aashish Bakshi
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Amazing, mind blowing session
Vanshika Chawla
@vanshika05 · 0:07
The seminar was very informative and I'm just looking forward to for more concept of life
Sanjana Dhawan
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It was very informating and wonderful session. Looking for forward for these sessions
Aastha Gaur
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I totally agree with this Russia. The event was really nice and very informative. Everyone enjoyed it so well
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