An Intuitive Perspective as a CEO in stealth : How employee politics in an organization affect your ESOP/RSU/401k Exit. Why negotiations matter?

Various pools like this proportion of a corollary would be used in for intellectual properties. This coroll, this portion of the pre seed fund would be used for employee this, this would be used for their well being and other activities including the fixed and dynamic capital in and others will be used for taxations and everything else. So now suppose I have spotted some four to five members or maybe equivalent. I have spotted some and good graduates from engineering and commerce background

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Suraj /Rishav/Nirmal
@suraj520.520 · 5:00

Second part

So I think if the politics like that happens in a startup, especially even if I am leading that startup, finances, tech and CEO, if the employees union will come to me and they'll say I want an exit, I want an ease of buyback, you please do it. I'll be very, I'll be very shocked because I'll be very shocked because I wish that they could understand that I had limited amounts of pre seed funding