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Sujit Sharma
@sujitsharma · 2:25

Mera Mann Kehne Laga, Pass Aake Na Tu Door Jaa

article image placeholderUploaded by @sujitsharma
Hi everyone. Welcome to series of music covers. So this is my fourth swell in this series and let's start. Thank you everyone. This is my fourth swell in this series and hope you like this swell or resell this and follow me on Sell and Instagram. The link of the Instagram is given in the description and thank you everyone, I hope you enjoy it

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Manveen Kaur
@manveen · 0:21
Hey, I just wanted to say that you have a very beautiful, beautiful voice. And there's a song that you just capture the sense of the song so on, actually, with your voice. And you played the guitar so well, so keep up the good work. And yeah, continue singing
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