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Sujit Sharma
@sujitsharma · 3:59

Pyaar Tha Waqt Nahi Jo Beet Gaya Do Pal Mein..

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hi everyone and happy sender do every one and am back with my new cover series, music cover series and this is my new cover and this is also in the song and i hope ip log पसंद आएगा and so lets start तू ना दिल को क्या लगा जो तुनालझेदिलको क्या कह रावत जो बीत गया तूभनेुबनकेयादरहेपरि याद रहे ने दिल केने की हाल सोजागऊंगएदोतूजो तू दिल को दिल को गया कबदामचुतुनाधूनल चना जो धूना लझजोतुनगलहेदतो गाह को जब तब जो तू न लव ज ल को कब कocabtagaothank you guys this was my cover जो तू ना मिला बाई अs्ymaज सो ई होप यou लाइक ट एंड please disel this also follow me on swell follow me on instagram the link of my instagram account is given in the description so i back with some more covers, some more hindi covers and thank you guys।

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hi sujit hello i have just listen to your set your cover song of oviously this is the first time i m listing to you and i really loved loved your song and you have a very beautiful voice and the way you presented was very good, very amazing so can i suggest you some songs so that you can make you can make cover on those songs in your apcoming sells so can you try a nuvgensanyofthe nivginssongecaus i love those songs and i think that that was set in your voice please keep sinking keep practicing because consistencies the ki to anything you do so a really really really loved it and surely looking for what for to your upcoming swells।
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Lajja Raval
@fitoori_scribes · 0:38
hi sugiti⁇m new to swell podcasts and yours is the first sel that ave word and definitely your voice sounds very promising so all we looking forward to more of your podcasts and if you could there is one very favorite song of mind that i would like you to make a cover of and the song is by jul ragan its called to fir miloganaadbevealy orner f you could do this cover so i m looking for we do it।
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