Sue Merlino
@SueM · 5:00

Flipping the Switch

You. So this came up in the response to what I spoke about yesterday as far as disappointments and getting over those and yeah, all of these examples are things that I've gone through. And so it's just speak from experience. But flipping the switch came up and yeah, when we get stuck in this repetitive thought process, it becomes difficult because that is the point where we need to actually make a choice and our subconscious mind is stuck. Right

#repetitivethoughts #feelingstuck #selfawareness #humor

Sue Merlino
@SueM · 1:11

Continuing the swell

And yeah, don't dwell too long, but listening to some good music, going for a walk if you can, or just listening to good music if you can't go for a walk or some good comedy, it can get you out of it. It can get you out of it. All right guys, have a great day. Talk to you soon
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