David R Marlborough
@StrongIsland · 4:58

May the 4th Rant - A return, a reason to be angry

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Abortion is women's health, and women's health is critical to the empowerment of women. Okay, we can sit across the table from one another, whether we are friends or whether we just introduced each other and we decided to sit down and have a lucid, sober discussion on this issue. One thing that I am not yielding on is the fact that at the root of this whole thing is the empowerment of women. And Rovers weed within the 14th Amendment had allowed the empowerment of women

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Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 0:51
David, I have a simple answer to your question. It's a bad idea when you enact laws that are against what the majority of the people want. The purpose of any law is to help the people itself. Right. It is to help in some way the people itself. It is not to hurt. It is not to impose the whim of a minority. It is really meant to help protect and serve the people it targets. Right
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