Dom Gatto
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Okay, now I'm going to hit you with a heavy one. This won the NEA Rican Award for best poem. I beat out some established poets. There were like 300 people there. And I won. Was also published in the Gay and Lesbian Review, and it's been published in other places, read in places, and all around. Done. Well, so here goes. Passing. Passing through Tompkins Square Park on a warm, sunny April day

Award winning poem and published in Gay and Lesbian review

Rocío (Ro) Christensen
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Oh, yeah. This is awesome. Yeah, it's reminded me of some walks around Tompkins Square Park for sure. I really like how much fun you had with the words. They felt so fun to say. And yeah, I really like this. Thank you so much for sharing. And I hope you feel compelled to share. Share more
Laura L (she/her)
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Hi, Dominic. Wow. I felt every bit of that tension in your piece. You managed to capture the fear, the anger, and there was a hint of despair, and I liked the way it moved. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm glad you're here on Flow
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Welcome to Swell!

Renee Slay
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It's just very deep, right? Like, I'm taking it on as a very deep, deep thing. Deeper than what we see when we first dive. I would love your feed back just because now it's going to be that thing that bothers me until I know for sure. And congratulations on hitting us with the best, dropping it on us. I appreciate it. I enjoyed it a lot. Keep them coming
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Dom Gatto
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I was a butch lesbian then, and I am now a transgender man, but I still look more butch than anything date only lesbian. So it works for me. But yes, it did happen to me. It's true. And that's why I wrote the poem. Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely response. I look forward to hearing more poems from you. Thank you
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