Steve Dean
@stevenmdean · 3:07

How do you stay in touch with your friends when their attention is divided across so many platforms?

When you want to reach out to people that you know or that you used to maintain relatively steady contact with, what are your options now beyond just finding each person on the network space now chosen to call their primary networks? I don't want to have to track down each person one by one and have to find them and even remember where I last messaged them and whether or not they're even still there anymore

In order to check in on 20 of my friends, I've lately needed to log into 20 separate platforms, from FB to IG to Whatsapp. It feels overwhelming.

Mark Brooks
@markbrooks · 2:40


I think it really rewires the brain when we're stuck in this waiting and feeling bad about not responding immediately in the various forms of Instant Messenger. When you've got ten different forms of Instant Messenger, as I know you do, I know you like to try out these new forms of media, but it's just unhealthy. So you have to drop them by all Dean Explore, but you have to just delete them
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 0:59

I am the divded one, my friends however are not. 🤣

Their attention is very sound on the bag and their goals and what they're trying to achieve. My goals tend to be to achieve chaos and to get people to get outside of their boxes of thinking. And so that's kind of why I use social media. But yeah, that's about it for me. Yeah, that's it
lisa dawn
@ldgarrit · 1:20


But this question really doesn't bother me or come to mind anymore because I know who I am and so I accept people for who they are and if they're too busy, that's just their path and maybe the way our friendship works isn't going to be anymore and I just accept that and move on
Kritika Saraf
@ksaraf1312 · 0:12


I think other real friends are the Knees. They will definitely stay connected no matter what, how much busy they are
Kyla Norton
@kkylaa · 2:47
But I believe that those are probably I would assume those are probably formed on Twitter or Facebook. And for me, I do not use Twitter whatsoever. I have no clue how to use it kind of embarrassing, I guess, for my age, but in, like, Facebook, I have it, but I don't use it for those purposes. But no, I definitely think it's interesting how there's fully these groups and communities online
Swati Upadhyay
@Swa · 1:40
Hey, swell. I think we don't have to search for anyone. I think p people who love us they try hard to connect with us. And I have observed my friend that even if they are in my contact list they never message me. They are my Instagram. But they never messaged me. They didn't like my photos. And it's okay. I think it's normal. Everyone has their own opinions. Even someone like us. Someone don't like us
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Welcome to Swell!

Chatty Girija
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Pick up the phone to keep in touch #cheerschatty #swelltalk #beerinfluencer #askswell #cheers

Hey Steve, thank you so much for inviting me to your question. And I will start answering this by with a wish that is happy International Beer Day. I say that because beer is one thing that brings people to together and you don't need to depend on technology or anything else that if you think of how do I meet my friends, you say the word beer and automatically everyone just makes a beer line. Or should I say beer line? So yes, that's how it works for me