Steve Dean
@stevenmdean · 5:00

Which dating app is right for you?

So I've been a dating consultant and coach for over ten years now, and I've helped thousands of people navigate new relationships and navigate the dating industry with as users, as founders. And so, yeah, I want to translate some of what I've learned into something that might be able to help you all in here. And for starters, I think one of the most common questions I get from people is what app should I be on?

After using over 250 dating apps across 30 cities for 10 years, I've put together a pocket wayfinding guide. #dating #datingapp #onlinedating

Mark Brooks
@markbrooks · 4:52
But you've got to have some kind of level of preference, and there's usually some major stuff that you want to get the tough questions right out of the way, right up front. And that's where dating apps really help. So for a big one is, are you really wanting a long term relationship? Is that an absolute show stop?