Stephen Fry

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Starting to swell

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"…And I know that sounds pathetic because speaking is something I'm supposed to do for a living more or less. But you want to do it according to your own rules, I suppose in your own time. And then it's up to people just to say, Well, that was the most boring thing I've ever heard, and it didn't make me swell. I can tell you that that anyway, shush, that's enough swell talk. That's a minute.…"



Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 1yr ago · 0:35

"…As your good friend Oscar Wilde said, be yourself because everyone else is taken. So, so happy you're here, being yourself. Welcome to Swell. And I know hiding is not a good thing. Life's too short, so, so happy that you're here not hiding. And your voice is delicious on this app. And we hope to hear more from you. And what else did Oscar Wilde say? I'm bringing him up because you are so delicious in portraying him.…"

It’s wonderful to hear your voice- no one else is you ! @stephenfry


Erika Schon

@Riki · 1yr ago · 0:35

"…Stephen and Deborah, great to hear both of your voices. And Stephen, wonderful to hear a proper accent. What a nice way to wake up in the morning to hear pleasantry. And especially because we are missing our friends and our new friends. Perhaps it's great to muse by just talking sometimes. And this is a wonderful form for that. So thanks for starting my day with a smile. And we will look forward to more conversations. Have a good one. Bye.…"


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Andrew Watt

@AndyWatt · 1yr ago · 0:13

"…Hi, Stephen as a fellow Brit who is also new to Swell. I just like to say welcome, and I'm looking forward to exploring this app like you are. I'm looking forward to your future Swells. It's not as rude as it sounded.…"


Jamie Williams

@JamRose · 1yr ago · 0:10

"…Hi. I only learned about this app through your tweet just a little bit ago. I'm excited to hear what you have to say. Maybe I'll come up with something interesting myself.…"



Taylor J

@Taylor · 1yr ago · 0:20

"…So I wake up. It's like 630 haven't had my coffee. My eyes are barely open, and I'm scrolling through my phone and I see I go, Is that Stephen Fry? And you know, there he is. So good to hear your voice. You have a way of making me laugh no matter what time of the day it is. It's just so good to hear your voice.…"

Good morning from CA!


Vik Chaudhary

@startupian · 1yr ago · 0:27

"…Well, someone had to say it. And I'm glad you did. Stephen, thanks for pointing out that in clubhouse is very, very easy to have imposter syndrome, where you feel like you should be saying something and you should be called upon and be able to to speak. But it's just not the right time. You don't feel like it. I do like, swell for that reason, which is it's at my own pace.…"

Imposter syndrome on Clubhouse


Dan Hemmings

@dandell · 1yr ago · 0:40

"…Well, this is new. I followed you here from Twitter. Steven, you mentioned it, and I downloaded the app and thought, I'd see what it's all about. And I've listened to your swell. And it was a pleasant experience. It's very novel. It's nice to hear voices. I'm so used to reading text on a screen. It's really lovely to hear the sound of people's voices and other people's voices, not just celebrity voices.…"


Shelley Levy

@Shelleytheartis · 1yr ago · 0:32

"…Stay safe. Bye.…"


alison dowell

@alisondowell · 1yr ago · 0:22

"…Good morning. It's Alison here in Darwin, Australia, waking up and looking at Swell and thinking, wow, this looks interesting. Looking forward to following you and joining you here in the middle of a monsoon rain shower. The background noise. All best bike.…"

Artist living in northern tropical Australia


mike fallek

@mikefallek · 1yr ago · 1:39

"…Do you ever get those robocalls? First of all, in England, you guys getting a lot of those robot calls. Mike, we get calls all the time on our cell phone from, like, this is a car warranty center. Your cars exploded. Second question. Do you think those people are the person running the robocall? It's obviously not a sentient robot just standing around. Do you think that those people are in relationships? Are they dating?…"

asking @stephenfry personally about robo calls is all I want in life.


Ananyaa Murthy

@ananyaamurthy · 1yr ago · 0:29

"…But anyway, have a nice day. Bye.…"

(Not really sorry about the ODI😁)


Shannon Skinner

@Shannon · 1yr ago · 0:11

"…Hi, Stephen. I listened to your recordings on Troy, here on Swell, and I thought it was really inspiring. So thank you so much for the inspiration.…"

Thank you for the inspiration


Kumar Avinash

@Avian7 · 1yr ago · 0:47

"…Thank you. We'll.…"

Yes it's a million times best than Clubhouse


Zoya A

@ZoyAmol · 1yr ago · 0:16

"…Hi, Steven, this is Lima. I don't know you personally, but your voice, I must say that it has a vibration which ripples through my ocean of interest. And I really enjoyed listening to your introduction.…"

Starting to swell

@stephenfry · 1yr ago · 1:04


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