Tanya Mahajan

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Are you a gamer person or not 🎮

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"…Hello everyone. Welcome back to my swell so this is my game changer sweaty so my name is let's make a swell on the gaming thing are you a gamer person or not? I am really not into games so I am not a gamer person they say Kafilo gamer person at all but if I talk about games, I tend to play little candy course type games or software software type games I keep on pressing left and right, left hand right okay?…"



Tremaine Hinds

@tremaine · 3mo ago · 1:19

"…I kind of just watch them and I also don't really know how to play many games. It's a little hard to tell. So I don't even know if I'm a gamer person or not because I watch all these streamers that are like super into gaming. It's their main hobby, it's the whole thing.…"

Tanya Mahajan

@Tanya30 · 3mo ago · 0:39

"…Hi. Thank you for your reply. Just like you said, you tend to watch a lot of gaming videos. The same goes for me. I also watch videos but I really don't know what they are doing, what the steps they are following. I just so like you are into watching the videos, you believe that you enjoy it. Simple.…"


Are you a gamer person or not 🎮

@Tanya30 · 3mo ago · 3:00


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