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Are Graphics Everything?

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"…So hello everyone, this is my second style. I'd like to just present my opinion on this topic. I just wanted to express my views on the topic. Whether graphics are rarely everything in a game or not, that graphics quality is really overrated in today's gaming industry. Every company focuses on achieving the most realistic and indepth graphics in the game. Sure, beautiful graphics will attract every gamer, but what will retain them is the gameplay and storyline. Almost everyone has heard of Minecraft, right?…"

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Vezee ..

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"…I wouldn't say graphics are everything, though I agree with your swell, with your idea. But you know, graphics actually like, at some point they really reflect your work. So graphics are, are important because everybody, not everybody will. A lot of people like to provide cover and to build that cover. It takes a lot of hard work.…"

Harshit M

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"…You are completely correct. Graphics are really important. They are the things which initially attract the player and who does not want to see beautiful graphics. Realistic graphics are really important, but I'm trying to say that they are not as important as they are considered in the gaming industry today. What about the fun gameplay mechanics or the compelling storyline?…"

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"…Here. S***. First of all, I think you really made great points. Yeah, classic is not something you consider as the top priorities. The gameplay so really good right now. I don't have I do play a lot of small games. I think it's a really good game. Mask Gun, I would have played, but there should be enough optimization. I can't play Battle phones and next will be storyline.…"


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"…But yes, the gameplay really makes games stand out was in old times these games like Temple, Run and Service didn't have really that much graphics but the gameplay was fun. So yeah they got a lot of players and there was many other games like Tetris and all like small mobile games which bring back the nostalgia and are still really good just because of the gameplay and nothing else.…"

Are Graphics Everything?

@Harshit07 · 4mo ago · 2:12


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