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Multiplayer vs Campaign Games 🎮

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"…The best thing about campaign games is the emotional rollercoaster only. So this was my one sided and biased opinion on campaign games. If you have multiple games, do give me your opinion. If there is another highlight which I missed about story type games, please do mention in reply and thank you again so much for listening to the very end. Bye.…"

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Krish Sehrawat

@KrishSeh511 · 4mo ago · 0:48

"…I actually prefer camping games over multiplayer games because there is a story you follow and it is actually like a movie you follow a story which is interesting. It is like having an emotion. It can be like mystery, can be suspense which is a very great thing about camping games while the multiplier one there is sometimes there is nothing new in multiplayer games and you find nothing new there's the old days and nothing new about them. Even if you play it yesterday today or will you play it tomorrow?…"

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Harshit M

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"…Yes, the story of the campaign games is the real beauty of the games, which I really like. And your point is very correct, because the emotional roller coaster the campaign gives us cannot be matched by any multiplayer game, which gets boring with time. It's just a thrill of playing with friends, which keeps us going. Nothing else. But this is what I believe, so, yeah, I completely like your opinion. Thank you so much for the reply. Catch. Bye.…"

Anuj Singh

@wydHAWK · 3mo ago · 0:39

"…I yeah, I think everyone should try every game, no matter whether it's campaign or multiplayer game.…"



Harshit M

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"…You get to socialize with people, make new friends, play with your friends, spend quality time with them. You don't have to spend an entire day to complete a story, a game just completed within 15 minutes in a multiple game. So, yeah, they have their own benefits. And, yes, multiple games are also good. That's why they're earning so much. No doubt. PUBG is the highest grossing game, which is a mobile game. It has even left GT behind.…"


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